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Debate continues over graduation speech

NEWMAN – A valedictory speech delivered entirely in Spanish has stirred debate, and the language issue in general could lead to changes in future graduation programs aimed at helping all in attendance follow the proceedings regardless of the language spoken.

Opinion: Readers sound off about graduation speech

School district promises graduation changes in wake of controversy

Orestimba High Principal Jessie Ceja said he has heard both positive and negative feedback regarding graduation changes in general and the delivery of the valedictory address in Spanish by Saul Tello Jr., the top student in the Class of 2012.

Valedictorian Saul Tello Jr. presented his graduation address.

Ceja said the school had received half dozen or so calls following the Thursday evening commencement.

Ceja told Mattos Newspapers that the valedictorian asked to give the speech in Spanish and was given approval to do so.

“The student earned the right as valedictorian, I feel, and if he felt that way I decided to give him that opportunity,” Ceja explained.

Ceja suggested that the decision also allowed the program to better cater to speakers of both dominant languages in the community. Welcome remarks were given by two students in English and Spanish, Ceja pointed out, and the salutatorian address was presented in English.

Tello, however, told Mattos Newspapers Tuesday that he had asked to present his address in English and Spanish, but was told that there would only be time to present the speech in one language.

Given that choice, Tello said, he decided to speak in Spanish – and before presenting the valedictory address apologized in English to non-Spanish speakers in the audience.

Tello declined to specify who told him he could not present his speech in two languages, saying “it was not that person’s fault.”

Ceja told Mattos Newspapers he was aware of no such request. “If he had come to us and said he wanted both, that would have been fine,” he commented.

Ceja said that a teacher and administrator suggested incorporating some English into the address when a draft version entirely in Spanish was submitted. The possibility of presenting the address in English and Spanish was never discussed in light of the specific request to address the audience in Spanish, Ceja indicated in an email.

Superintendent Ed Felt said that, under the Education Code and a past Supreme Court decision upholding the First Amendment rights of students, he does not believe a speaker could be compelled to present an address in a specific language.

“We could request a student deliver a speech in English, but we would have little to enforce that if the student chose not to,” the superintendent commented.

Moving forward, Felt said, his goal will be that those attending Orestimba and Yolo programs in the future be able to follow the entire proceeding, regardless of whether their primary language is English or Spanish.

He said he has spoken to site principals about having all speeches printed in both English and Spanish and inserted into the graduation program so that everybody in the audience can follow what is being said regardless of the spoken language.

“We are in a community with two dominant languages, and both should be recognized. What I hope is that in the future anyone who comes to an Orestimba High graduation or Yolo promotion ceremony will have an opportunity, no matter what their language, to have a complete understanding of what is occurring during the activity,” Felt commented. “Anybody should be able to come and have complete knowledge of what is occurring. I believe that all the parents and loved ones are just as proud of and love their kids as much as the person sitting next to them.”

Two board members reached Monday suggested they wanted to look more deeply into the issue before taking a position.

Board President Kerry McWilliams declined to comment until after speaking with administration.

While acknowledging the controversy, Trustee Paul Wallace said, it is important to remember that the district represents all of its students and constituents regardless of language.

Wallace said he was not going to make a “snap judgment” about an issue that has many complexities.

Trustee Tim Bazar told Mattos Newspapers he would have preferred that at least the majority – although not necessarily all – of the speech be delivered in English.

“I think that there has to be some acknowledgment that English is the official language of the state, that you have to be proficient in English to graduate and that a sizable portion of the audience does not speak Spanish,” he commented.

Board member Janice Conforti said that if the speech was not to be repeated in English, translated copies should have been distributed to those in attendance.

As it was, she believes, the essence of the valedictorian’s message was lost to a large portion of those gathered to celebrate graduation.

Board member RoseLee Hurst said she believes the speech should have been interpreted.

“I imagine it was a good speech, but I could only pick up a few words of it,” she commented. “It was great for him to do it in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking, but generally it is done in both languages.”

Tello, meanwhile, acknowledges that the situation has stirred controversy.

He said he chose to speak in Spanish to honor his parents – not to make a social statement.

The response has included a flurry of comments on Facebook, he said, some of which were very negative.

Tello said he was “a little upset” at the response, but added “I knew what I was doing, so I knew there was going to be negative feedback. It is sad that some people can be so closed-minded about it.”

An English-language translation of his valedictory address, provided by Orestimba High School, appears on Page 4.

Graduation changes

The programs for Yolo and Orestimba featured a new format this year, with both sides of the stadium used to accommodate the large crowds. Rather than facing one bank of seats, the graduation ceremony was aligned so that guests seated on both sets of bleachers were looking down on the proceedings from the side.

“We want to accommodate as many people as possible,” Ceja said. “We are trying to keep graduation from being a tickets event, which other schools are doing.”

He said the school will look at improving the public address system next year, and may also locate the staging area back a little further to improve the view of guests.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Troy-Jimerson/100000133548374 Troy Jimerson

    So would they have allowed it in klingon? Elvish? Could he have made up a language? How would this have gone down in German even? If his parents were the only germans in the audiance and he did the speech in german would this have been okay? This is america, that speech should have been in english.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYVASX3JNKLFIOPQZOJMXZ4WVM Raya

      Yeah.  Try screaming in German like one of Hitler’s speeches and see if the NEA would approve of that!

    • Genesis

      This is irrelevant because his parents weren’t the only ones who spoke Spanish, it was well divided between the two languages… Sorry but you need to get your facts straight first :)

  • borninamerica

    Yes – this speech should have been in English!  Does the school district plan on spending property taxes to accommodate all languages other than Spanish?  These very liberal people who are sitting on these boards should be voted out of their jobs or should be fired from their jobs if not voted!  We live in America not Mexico and the student should have been made aware that it is not appropriate to speak in another language other than English at a ceremony where you are supposed to graduate knowing the English language and that immigrants to this Nation need to speak our language in order to become United States citizens!  Are they citizens?

    • ediman14

      Wow…. this speech must have held a wealth of information for all those in attendance that didn’t understand the Spanish language. If i were you …and just the least bit resourceful… i would have asked for a translation of the speech or a copy which could have been easily translated and read it aloud to your family so they too, could learn the secrets of life. I’m intrigued. Hope it makes up for the 12 minutes that y’all had to sit there staring at the colorful balloons and the back of people’s heads. 

      • Riggies

        Aren’t you the enlightened one. 

      • Nancy

        Ha ha ha thank you @6bbb62b359cdce74ea44225ab70e1c03:disqus …..couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000709478257 Victor Deutchman

    Only a daily basis now we are being made aware of just how woeful our education system is.  Either they are banning something because of some extreme burst of incorrect thinking, or they are adopting an “anything goes” attitude.  Truth be told, they are completely clueless about what they are doing.  They work, they get paid, they ruin our youth.  

  • Robert409

    Was it USDollars or the Spanish/Mexican Peso that provided the operating funds for this school to function?  If I understand this correctly; it is an American school, operating in a state of The United States of America, paid for by United States citizens with United States taxes (US Currency).  Shouldn’t any “official” communication (including a valedictorian address) be conducted in the american language?  Do valedictorians in Spain or Mexico give their addresses in english?

    • Genesis

      Taxes aren’t only paid by U.S. Citizens HUN!!! And if a valedictorian wanted to give their speech in Sign Language, they have the right too and people need to stop being so ridiculous about this

  • BornInTheUSA

    Speak English!  You are in America!

    • Seewhat

       Speak Navajo, or Cherokee, besides the Native people were here first??

      • Timothy

        There is no such thing as native. Unless they popped out of the ground, they came from some where else.

      • john

        Love America or give it back

      • fools rush in

        Mexicans are not native to this country with the exception of Texas…They NEVER colonized California. SPAIN DID!!!! READ A HISTORY BOOK and the USA PAID them millions in gold for California, Arizona and New Mexico even though they WON California in a battle. GET OVER IT!!! AND YET….California now looks like little Mexico, little China, Little India, little Vietnam…brilliant president….importing people….exporting jobs….he is ruining this country!!!!

        • S0L437

          ok your history is wrong the US never won anything from Mexico learn before you speak.

    • Somebody

      You do know we are in North America containing multiple countries of different languages and cultures. And I know what you meant, and to that response, the United States does not have an official language. This place is filled with bigots. 

      • Timothy

        The constitution is written in English. A little common sense should tell you English is the official language of the United States of America.

        • Sluggie

          I can’t find that in my copy of the Constitution. Must be because it is a copy of the real deal, not a Tea Partier revised version.

    • A Son of Liberty

      Remember the Alamo!

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      yea and swim back to england you slimey limeys

    • Nancy

      North central south? You are ignorant….

  • jaded jade

    let’s see, a student has the first amendment right to speak only in spanish but does not have that same first amendment right to utter the name jesus. Have I got this right?

    • Khisanth52

      Thats it exactly.  If you are Christian. English speaking. American you have no rights.  We have bent over so far to accomodate everyone else we have no rights left.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/6QWHY44XKSN7VFKXPLIFWO3UNU Steven

        Khisanth52, you forgot one: …if you are Christian, English speaking, AND WHITE you have no rights…

        • MA

          I’m a middle class mix ethnicity and I have no rights

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/65FLVBCJ3SZZG5XNFIGFWRE4GU DeidrichV

        You are making a really stupid assumption.  The salutatorian at my
      daughter’s school thanked his lord and saviour jesus christ during his
      speech, and even added that we would all be nothing without jesus.  The
      speech was approved by the dean of the school before hand.  I was there,
      and I asked about the approval.  So yeah, you’re an idiot.

      • Taylor77

        Wow what typical Christian judgmental behavior you are displaying , I really want to know Christ so I can be around the likes of you !

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000500602094 Troy Millay

          Hey Taylor, maybe you would rather know Mohammad, so you can be tortured and killed for not giving the proper respect. And if you don’t know Christ by now then you most likely don’t care anyway!! And most of the people in this country that don’t give two shits about religion are usually liberal. Did i get it right Taylor?? You are liberal aren’t you??

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/BYRVRCDIQ4TEYS25WJRQD6DHLQ Manuel G

            I like that Troy. Liberalism is a mental disorder. They are the enemy within.

          • Sluggie

            Troy, if you want to get all high-handed, please try to remember that more people have been executed and tortured under the banner of Christianity than any per religion. Of course I would not judge any religion based solely on the actions of a negligible fraction of its adherents, which means I will not be judging Christianity in general by your hate-filled rant.

          • sickened by

            Right on Troy!!!!

          • John Seitz

            Islamaphobic bigot alert. You really are a piece of hate filled garbage, aren’t you Troy?

            I do know Christ, Troy. You don’t seem to know Him at all.

        • Brave soul

          This has nothing to do with religion!!! This has to do with people coming into this country and taking over and walking all over the citizens that have PAID for this country for generations… Get real Taylor77 Some people are always looking for something negative…religion is a snare and a racket but the love for God isn’t

      • Straw_dale

        “You are making a really stupid assumption. The salutatorian at my daughter’s school thanked his lord and saviour jesus christ”

        Is your “daughter” a boy or girl? 

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/BYRVRCDIQ4TEYS25WJRQD6DHLQ Manuel G

          Do you not understand plain English. He said his ‘Daughters’ salutatorian whom was a boy gave the speech. Meaning the boy who was the salutatorian that gave the speech was a classmate to this mans daughter. Two different people. Yeah, our education system is really educating some winners here.

        • sickened by

          That is not an assumption!!! That is what we are all seeing!!! Where have you been????

        • John Seitz

          Straw-dale, perhaps you should learn how to read. It is clear that DeidrichV’s daughter is a girl, and the salutatorian at his daughter’s school is a boy. Are you really that ignorant?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Cable/100002169106791 Larry Cable


      • sickened by

        WAS IT IN ENGLISH SO THE MAJORITY COULD UNDERSTAND IT???? That is the point here…not if someone at one school can say Jesus’ name and by the way…most schools (who are run by liberals…which are MOST) would NOT have allowed that. They only believe in the stupidity of evolution!!!

        • John Seitz

          You are absolutely 100% wrong. Liberal states understand the constitution. We understand that students are not public employees, and have every right to express their religious beliefs at school functions.

          The majority of occasions when schools attempt to keep a student from expressing their religious beliefs, occur in conservative states.

          Why am I never surprised by the level of stupidity and ignorance of facts in posts from ideologues and sheep?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Cable/100002169106791 Larry Cable


      • Susan Gabriel

        You are absolutly right

      • Sluggie

        Personally, I blame those so filled with hate and vitriol that they can’t accept facts in place of their convenient fictions. But don’t worry, I forgive you.

      • John Seitz

        The majority of times when a school tries to keep a student from expressing their religious beliefs, occur in conservative states, not liberal states. You really should research this issue, because you don’t seem to know what you are talking about.

        I live in California, and have attended many school functions. I have two daughters attending school. I often hear students expressing their religious beliefs in speeches, and no one complains or gives it a second thought.

        We understand the constitution in California. We understand that students are not public employees, and therefore they do have the right to express their beliefs at school functions.

        At my daughter’s promotion from 8th grade last week, the top student thanked Jesus Christ, and nobody had a problem with it.

    • Sluggie

      No, you do not have that right. It makes great copy, yet is completely untrue. Despite what radicals on the right would have you believe, it is not illegal for a student to pray in school.

      One problem solved…….

    • sicken by

      There is only freedom for SOME…it’s the liberal way….and they choose who those people are…oh, yeah….those who will vote for a living!!!

  • Guest

    A wise principal would have made time for him to deliver in both languages.

  • cmahone

    this is the same system that is taking CHRIST out of Christmas, kicking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance

    • Xyx

      The original Pledge of Allegiance never contained the words “under God.” It was added in the 50’s due to paranoia over “God-less Communists.” I prefer the original version because it serves all Americans regardless of any religious belief(s).

      Put “Christ” back in “Christian.”

      • cmahone

        The original Pledge of Allegiance never contained the words “under God.” It was added in the 50’s due to paranoia over “God-less Communists wow way back in 1954 …exactly what i’m talking about.. btw Xyx says it a”all”  

        • A Son of Liberty

          But the new pledge does contain “under God”, live it, learn it, love it!   or go back the Russia….commie!

          • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

            you silly mormon, america is for christians!

          • Zxz

            I can choose to recite the Pledge leaving out those words I’m not in agreement with. Or can I choose to not recite it at all. America gives me the right. Russia is no longer a Communist country. Perhaps you are living in the past..?? Name calling does not speak highly of your ability to engage in intelligent conversation. Of course, you have the right to be who you are. That is what America (U.S.A., actually) is all about.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYVASX3JNKLFIOPQZOJMXZ4WVM Raya

      Or is it more akin to not doing Catholic Mass in Latin?

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      and dont forget trys to sneak a dirty mormon into the white house because they hate black AMERICANS soo much it just hurts their insides to the point that their heads explode.

  • Mark06kim

    you know if the studebt wanted to read his speech in French or German or some other Eruo langage that would not be allowed 

  • Doug

    The principle stated that the student earned the ‘right’ to deliver the speech his way. Now, let’s just suppose that the student was a devout Christian and wanted to mention his Lord and Savior and give thanks to God for all his blessings. Would the principle still believe that the student had earned the right? I doubt it! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000884371975 Retha Miller

      You hit the nail on the head with this statement…We already see how that has gone down when any kids speak of Christianity. We will not stop no matter what!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/65FLVBCJ3SZZG5XNFIGFWRE4GU DeidrichV

       You are making a really stupid assumption.  The salutatorian at my daughter’s school thanked his lord and saviour jesus christ during his speech, and even added that we would all be nothing without jesus.  The speech was approved by the dean of the school before hand.  I was there, and I asked about the approval.  So yeah, you’re an idiot.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tommy-Ross/100000929666249 Tommy Ross

        you are talking about one speech among thousands. It was great that your daughter got to use Jesus but to call someone an idiot because your daughter had an exceptional dean makes you wrong to call this commenter an idiot.

      • Riggies

         “So yeah, you’re an idiot”

        Does it take one to know one?

    • Hoggdoc1946

      Of course not the Hispanic Princple was more than happy to advance the Hispanic agenda. This just wrong, if the student really wanded to honor his parents he would have delievered the speech in perfect english with no accent.

      This kid had an agenda, notice the multi colored shase he haas on stright rom Mexico, disgusting. If I lived in that area I would be camped out at the school board meeetings until they offered an appoligy to the communitee.

      • EE

        You’re an English speaking American yet you can’t even spell right.
        Racist people like you disgust me

      • Paco

        the sash is for a club called HYLC or Hispanic Youth Leadership Council

      • John Seitz

        racist idiot.

    • Sluggie

      It does not matter; there would be no just cause to say no in either case.

    • John Seitz

      Students express their religious beliefs at school functions all the time in California, and no one even bats an eye. I know this, because I live here. My two daughters attend school here, and I here students expressing their religious beliefs all the time.

      Last week at my daughter’s promotion from 8th grade, the top student thanked Jesus Christ in her speech. No one was offended. We understand the constitution. Students are not public employees. They can express any beliefs they wish, without it being a government endorsement of one religion over another.

      They also recited the Pledge of Allegiance before the ceremony, as they do often throughout the school year. ….and yes, the teachers and everyone else said, “One nation, under God.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SKBFOHNFOZ3RDT5MDB36MFI6BY Otis

    Since the school is in the USA, the speech needed to be in English. If the student wanted to deliver his speech in Spanish he is welcome to do so in Mexico.

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      or on your mom

    • Nancy

      Eh we could get into what is Mexico and what not but uh…don’t you ever forget the border crossed the Mexicans in all of California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona when all these Money hungry Genocide starting “Americans” decided it was theirs to take! Sound familiar to anyone?

      • Me


      • Timothy

        Didn’t Mexico take their land from the Myan, Inca, or Olmec peoples. You think maybe they should give it all back?

    • ThisIsMe2616

      wow , what exactly are you mad about , the fact that he spoke in spanish or that the school didnt allow time for him to do it in both english and spanish or just that you couldnt understand it cause you dont speak spanish ??? or were you even at the graduation???? i was and i think it was perfict !

  • Carlos Concha

    To accept such a practice of speaking in Spanish to audiences in the United States, whose official language is Englihs contributes to the unseen
    self delegation of hispanics to 2nd or third class citizens (if they happen to be here legally). It is kind of “If you speak Englis press No. 1 , if you speak Spanish, go back to your country learn English and return. Does the Superintendent of the school, the principal, and all others who want to cancel the original identity of this country want their paycheck, or their school contract or life insurance policy in Spanish. It is time someone has cojones and stand for this country and get rid of “political correctness, feel good, and everybody gets a throphie crap…”

  • Lee

    It is situations like this that demand a vote on a national language.

    • joe

      If you look it up, not only do we have english as a national language, californoa made it the state language a few years back. We need to start learning what our laws are and uphold them.

      • AJ

        America has no official national language. But English is the de facto national language


        However, Proposition 63 in 1986 established English as the official language of California

        • jim

          actually in 2006 it was voted on and passed in senate, but they havent passed the official bill through because they are afraid to hurt someones feelings, eventually it will go through. Quoting wikipedia is about equal to quoting the enquirer.

  • jfriedri

    As a student I would have walked out. 

  • Jaybird

    This country needs to get rid of the anchor baby’s. Their parents come here ILLEGALY, use our taxpayer dollars to support their new life and then want to convert the U.S. into “little Mexico”. Go home and fix your own country instead of ruining ours!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYVASX3JNKLFIOPQZOJMXZ4WVM Raya

      Romney is an anchor baby!

      • http://twitter.com/HeidiHill7 Heidi Hill

        Raya do some research prior to making comments so you don’t look ignorant.  
        Do you know what an anchor baby is? An anchor baby is a baby born in the United States to ILLEGAL ALIENS/IMMIGRANTS.  They then use the baby to stay in the United States since the baby is an American Citizen.  
        Romney’s father was born to AMERICAN citizens who were living in Mexico at the time of his birth.  Romney’s father is an AMERICAN because both his parents were AMERICAN. 
        Get your facts straight….       

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=724835102 Trigger Garcia

          Hahaha @twitter-568595589:disqus
          You desperately need a civics lesson. If your parents are US citizens and they move to a Mormon Colony in Chihuahua, Mexico and you are subsequently born in that Mormon Colony in Chihuahua, Mexico as occurred with George W. Romney (Mitt’s daddy) that makes you a Mexican citizen. If during the Mexican Revolution your Mexican citizen parents sneak into the US illegally and your mother gives birth to you in Detroit, Michigan. That makes you an anchor baby!! Hahaha!! Willard Mitt Romney is an anchor baby!! LOL!!! I want to see his daddy’s birth certificate!! LOL!! The long form birth certificate, mind you!! LOL

      • A Son of liberty

        But he’s a not a traitor!

        • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

          yea hes just a devil worrispper

      • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

        and a mormonite

    • Genesis

      “YOUR” country is pretty messed up too, just that they keep their citizens ignorant about it… And ILLEGAL immigrants pay taxes too!!! FACTS FACTS FACTS… Use facts not opinions!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WKIZ26TEXY4XWQTY46GPGAOX3M Manny

        Genesis, just to correct you a bit, Illegals MIGHT pay taxes if they have a fake id and are working for a reputable company. Illegals MIGHT not pay taxes if they are working under the table. VISA employees pay taxes and social security deductions, but are not entitled to SS. It is all screwed up! If we had a tax on goods and services ALL would be paying into the system and it would be fair. So much controversy!

        • S0L437

          Actually you dont need an SS to pay taxes a TIN is just as useful my father pays his taxes all my aunts and uncles pay their taxes and I agree with Genesis the US is messed up too but the government likes to keep their citizens ignorant about it

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      yea the germans and irish already ruined it a long time ago now they just want to sell it all to the chi-neez in peace!

  • http://twitter.com/BaColclough Brian Colclough

    Where were the adults?  the voices of reason? 

    Just tell the kid to speak english and if he wants to honor his parents that it’s OK to say a few words in Spanish.

    To allow him to do whatever he wants….sorry he didnt earn that right.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYVASX3JNKLFIOPQZOJMXZ4WVM Raya

      This incident is the best reason to get rid of the teachers’ unions and their political thugs.  Privatise all schools and abolish all property taxes!

      • Ma

        Woah calm down W that commie talk

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000884371975 Retha Miller

    The English speaking children should sue the district and school they had REASON to believe that it should be in ENGLISH. It’s an English country they were robbed…in a HUGE way!!

    • Rohnalanc

      Retha, thanks for your comment.
      I graduated H.S. several years ago. I have been reading the com-
      ments made concerning this particular graduation ceremony. The
      speaker dedicated his speech to his parents; I think. Also, I think,
      the principal approved his giving his speech in Spanish. Who was
      to benefit from this address? Who was in the audience or who would be the audience? I wonder; was or should any of this been
      considered? I would have thought the work this student had done in school had been dedicated to his parents. 

    • Somebody

      How were they robbed? It’s a speech for graduation. The idiocy in your comment is beyond me. This is the reason many see the United States as a hypocritical country. 

      • Ma

        The students were robbed because this ceremony is for them and that speech should be directed toward them the students to commemorate their hardwork and sacrifices that allowed them to participate in what should have been a very happy time for them. The majority of the graduating class could not follow what their class mate was saying that is how they were robbed.

        • Somebody

          I see your point. But there’s also the fact that all the other speeches were all in English, except his and the welcoming speech translation in Spanish. I just thought her idea on suing people has no logical reasoning. Unless it was satire, then I’d feel stupid. Just a question though, if his speech was still in Spanish but translations were given out before the ceremony itself, would it have at least made it better?

        • http://www.facebook.com/maria.arevalos Maria Arevalos-Guzman

          I do not see the STUDENTS complaining, do you know for a fact that the majority could not understand what he was saying?
          Did you conduct a scientific, carefully worded survey and ask EVERY SINGLE STUDENT whether they cared that the speech was in Spanish? I don’t think so.

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      retha i think you lost the gladd webpage is on your favs thats the one you meant to post on.

    • Peggy

      You are absolutely right. Someone needs to sue the school district for allowing this to happen. According to the California Constitution English is the common language of the United States of America and the state of California. and the legislature and officials of the state of California are directed to take all steps necessary to insure that the role of English as the common language of the stste of California is preserved and enhanced. California school officials work for the state of California. As far as I’m concerned the Principal violted the law and both he and the school district should be punished.

  • sherry

    face it ! the boy and the school were telling the taxpayers whom are FORCED to pay for all illegals education k-12 ,to stick it where the sun dont shine..students in california are told they cant wear tee shirts sporting anything pro american on cinco de mya day yet a illegal ( yep or he would have spoken english ) was allowed to exclude  the people whom speak only english..and offend all with his happy permission..dont want to hear he took anything in consideration..everyone should have walked out..and took their kid off stage to do it in protest..guess only his parents were considered, they didnt speak english..thanking them for breaking the law.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G6XUHJRLMIRMTJSWLLAIJDM4WI Admiral Ackbar

    This guy just wanted to stir up the pot, he is the problem.

  • The Game

    Why’d you delete my comment? You can’t deal with reality? First amendment rights ring a bell to you?

  • Ivan Gort

    I think it is very simple. The “national language” is English not Spanish, American Indian, French, Pig Latin or any other language. So in “PUBLIC” speak “ENGLISH”. In your own home or in private speak whatever you like.  Simple concept that no one gets.  Immigrants came to America and assimilated into our culture which at the time spoke English.  Hasn’t changed for 200 years so why change now?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYVASX3JNKLFIOPQZOJMXZ4WVM Raya

      The change is due to technology.  In 1930, you left the old country and lost contact for years.  Today, you come to the US, get a computer, use googleearth to see the old village, use the cellphone to call everyone you just left, send photos via email attachments, and never learn English.

  • SunnyJS

    “…we live in community with 2 dominant languages”…well you live in a country with one…english…get over your global BS and live with the fact that this is a primary english language nation.  What a crock when it comes to freedom of speech…if it’s the pc kind your fine..if it’s not…then there is no free speech.

  • nevadarebel

    California residences  please go check out you own State Constitution. It one of only two states Constitutions that define and list English as there states official language . The thing about California’s is that it can never be changed and your state representative and the state can be sued for not protecting the English language.

    Please Google the Ca State Constitution and check out Article 3 Section 6 and you’ll be amazed that Ca is getting away with not doing there oath and jobs base on there own Constitution.  Other states can but should not be in Ca as it’s law. 

    The state employed Superintendent Ed Felt should be fired as the states Constitutions over rides the federal  first amendment as there is nothing that enforces or is listed in the US Constitution for or official language at the Federal levels. Then the law has to move to the States laws and levels. remember this is country of 50 nations too and state Constitution laws for each.  Feds laws can and should not interfere with laws not on there books and are on the state levels. Works both ways sorry..

    • Dumbfounded

      Have you lost your mind?  Nothing overrides the guarantees of the bill of rights.  In fact states are EXPLICITLY barred from making laws which violate the constitution of the United States.

      • http://www.facebook.com/maria.arevalos Maria Arevalos-Guzman

        I think Nevadarebel needs to meet my HS Government teacher and have a pleasant chat about Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.

  • Disbelief

    Wow…can’t believe how something so trivial can open a huge can of worms.  Sad…

    • cmahone

       you & others believing its trivial is the problem

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_72OKX52R53RXZASDEE3M4BI6AQ Jeff

      You are a sad human being. 

    • Riggies

       It’s another brick in the wall of “trivial” things going on here.

    • Palmabook

      It is not trivial, it was a deliberate statement. It is so sad that so many have come to this country and take all the advantages but do not want to assimilate. From many one, does not mean anything to them. I was not born here, Spanish is my first language, but even in a crowded elevator I avoid to speak in Spanish with a friend of relative, and continue the conversation in  English until we get out. It is just a courtesy. This a a political statement, no doubt about it.

  • joe

    I think there are many great things in mexican heritage and they should not be forgoten, But if you live in the USA than at least speak english. Anyone who thinks mexico is better than the US, please go back there.

  • Franklin45

    It’s funny how this country never progresses more than 20 years before it takes another 50 backwards. Each generation brings high hopes of tolerance and intelligence, but never seems to get over the hump of ignorance. Collectively, i have never seen so much hate and arrogance uttered by people who believe that this country holds a monopoly on a language born in Europe, where people proudly speak and understand at least three languages. The last time i checked, complaining doesn’t allow you to decipher another native tongue. Fascinating…. how Education works. If you don’t understand how to use a computer, you learn. If you can’t drive a car, operate a bulldozer or cook a meal…you learn. If you don’t understand what a person is saying…you learn the language. Whether its Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian etc… The fact is, No one is forced in this country to learn another language, unless you visit or patriate from another country.then you are expected to learn English. For those of you looking to forge ahead of the rest, learning, on your own, a second or third lingo can help in the job quest, if anything.  Although, it won’t help in your despisement of other cultures. Sad and Embarrassing.  USA…. on of the greatest countries on earth. And one of many with its religious hypocrisies and sectarian divisions. Nothing unique about that. 

    • joe

      Acctually if you look up the laws from around the world, Most countries require you to learn their domonant language before you are made a permanent citizen. I think you will be surprized at how many countries require this. 

      • MikeyS

         We are not other countries, we are the United States of America in which we pride ourselves on being a melting pot of culture and there is no official language.  I have traveled to several countries in Europe and roomed with a German foreign exchange student and they are required to learn four languages.  I’m not saying that people shouldn’t learn English here in the U.S, but I agree with Ediman14 in that us Americans should also learn other languages. 

  • Pat Riot

     Say what you will about me, but I would have interrupted his speech until it was given in English or I was arrested and removed.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYVASX3JNKLFIOPQZOJMXZ4WVM Raya

      Moi aussi!

    • Genesis

      Ones word to describe you… DRAMATIC!!!

  • tripmom92

    again an example of how the minorities have more rights than Christians.
    They have earned the right to say what ever they want but Christians can’t
    reference God, Jesus etc….. something wrong here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tommy-Ross/100000929666249 Tommy Ross

    more bullshit from a broken educational system. more in your face crap . like the commenter said” Cannot mention Jesus but the rest of the class had to listen to the speech in Spanish. As a student, I would have gotten up and walked out flipping the bird the whole damn way. Top educators in the united states are nothing but liberal thinking bums who do not give a damn about American Values. I bet they never served in the Armed Forces either or they would not be doing this.

    • Hoggdoc1946


    • Trigger

      That’s because you’re an idiot.

    • cyberhackster

       Like Israel, it should be mandatory to serve in the military….



      • Angela

        Yes, that’s wrong. National flags should be the highest….but how is that relevant to delivering a graduation speech in Spanish? Eesh, stay on topic.

        FYI: The US has no official language. I invite you to check the Constitution.

        • Timothy

          Correct me if I’m wrong , but isn’t the constitution written in ENGLISH?

        • Peggy

          California does. This speech was given in California at a school funded by the people of the state of California

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Cable/100002169106791 Larry Cable


        • sickened by


      • sickened by

        They need to GO BACK to Mexico!!! If they LOVE that flag and country SOOOO much…GO AWAY!!! They are only raising our crime rate, and they are baby factories…LET THE MEXICAN government support them!!!!

    • Mike

      In regards to the Hispanics that think they are owed something from our great country, you should be thanking God for being allowed to be here. You are owed nothing. If you are here legally pay your taxes, learn the languge of English, I would be glad to have you as an American by the way, it is the common language of the U.S.A. and it is law in the State of California Constitution Article 3, section 6. Please look it up. As far as the Mexicans being here first that is correct. Let’s see it was purchased by the United States of America and money taken by Mexico they must have not wanted it to bad, I’m not going to get into History lessons and off the subject. This young man was out of line and his Principal needs to have his ASS kicked by the School District, which in turn will do nothing because they are all feel good left wing socialist, and corrupting are young students and not teaching the truth of this great Nation they are all ashamed of. Go to Mexico and try to pull the crap we have to put up with here, you would be put in jail, as far as the borders are concerned ask a Costa Rican what happens when you cross the Mexico Border, you may be shot, you will alway’s be arrested.I SEE A DOUBLE STANDARD HERE. Call the Newman School District and stop this madness.(209) 862-2933. Tell them you are sick of this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Paco

        you should call cause the parents and town started this not him

      • sickened by


      • Nancy

        You are one ignorant SOB!

      • John Seitz

        You better get used to it. Hispanics are the number one reason why the Republican party will soon be irrelevant. Thank God for that!!!!

        In Texas, the female demographic ages 16 -21, there are more Hispanic women than all other groups combined. That’s the future. These young women will give birth to democrats, and Texas will soon be just as democrat as California. Once that happens the republican party will no longer be relevant. Deal with it, you racist idiot.

        • AlanCR

          racist idiot…..is supposed to mean WHAT?

    • sickened by

      I would have walked out too!! That is soooo RUDE!!!

      • John Seitz

        No one would have missed you, or cared that you walked out……. and if you walked out of an event you were attending as a parent, you should not be a parent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Rowell/100003900624854 Will Rowell

    The English speakers and those intelligent enough to actually know that English is the official language of this state and country should have all walked out. Next, contact their board members. Hold them and the superintendent accountable.

  • Mike

    I hope everyone is sick of this crap. The language of this Country is English, if you can’t understand a graduation ceremony maybe you should get off your ass!! and learn English. please call Newman School Disrict @ 209-862-2933, that you are outraged.

  • Debbies3360

    He should have said the first few sentences in Spanish thanking his parents, teachers etc., then he should have said the rest in English.

  • Cseavic

    I sppke Spanish before I spoke English and I am revolted that this person has insulted the very country that give him the privaledge to go to school, be successful and unappreciative at the same time!

    • Trigger

      Very proud of young Mr. Tello. His academic achievement are unparalleled by your elementary grammar. Please, utilize your spell check moron!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3NIN2S375ATFSSLGYJNB54FZ5E Scott

        Usually when someone (Liberal Progressive) corrects grammar it is due to the fact that they cannot discuss the topic cogently and of course the result is name calling.    And I always thought that you guys were the “open minded” and “all inclusive” party where all ideas are under one tent……..

        • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

          like the mormons

        • sickened by`

          YES, SCOTT!!!!!

      • sailsalot

        “His academic achievement are unparalleed”?

        • sickened by


      • sickened by

        Of course you are, Trigger

    • Nancy

      I can tell…….

    • ProudAmerican

      Exactly, same history with me. But, after I worked for 7 years in the education system I was not surprised. AZ will become like Mexifornia soon. This was also an insult to all of those who have to study and lean English in order to be a US Citizen.

      • sicken by

        I feel sorry for Mexicans that have done it right! You are getting it in the neck along with the citizens. Arizona at least tried to uphold the laws of the land but the whitehouse didn’t like that! All their illegal voters feelings were hurt …boo hoo

    • sickened by


  • Jetta242

    Now he can go back to Mexico and make a difference’s 

  • dogmadujour

    Send him and his principal back home to Mexico.  Get rid of them, they are Mexicans first and should be encouraged to go home.

    • MikeyS

       No, he is an American.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Climp-Jones/100002575977347 Climp Jones

    Fine next time deaf people are present tell them to lip read 

  • Puregolf69

    This is a great idea, by speaking only spanish, they will never be able to hold a job of substance and be virtually unemployable in today’s challenging world of high unemployment. Just what the hispanic community needs, more sidewalk fruit peddlers, gardeners and 3rd class citizens!

  • njpat33

    He feels entitled to thumb his nose at the country that gave him an opportunity to succeed in education.  He wants us to believe that he was not trying to make a statement, but in fact he was saying, “Screw you! big mean racist awful America! I’ll speak however I want, because I’m allowed to be disrespectful to this country that my family has invested nothing in.”  He is also White, but that won’t get him a big enough scholarship to college so it’s time to illustrate how truly “hispanic” he is.  Speaking Spanish to an adoring ignoramus of a principal helps this kid feel special. 

    Let him enjoy his moment in the sun – of bigotry.  In the Obama economy, he doesn’t have much of a future anyway.  If he waits long enough he may find an opportunity as principal of this nonsense HS after the current moron destroys himself.

    • Somebody

      That has to be the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life. I honestly think I could have learned more from an episode of Jersey Shore than from your comment. Everyone acts as if that simple speech is making them lose money. I went to school with him and he was top of his class for a reason. He took AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and AP English. Besides, the whole ceremony had like 6 speeches, his being the only one in Spanish. Rest were in English. Stop being an idiot and get over yourself.

    • EE

      You are definitely an idiot. He was top of the class and took all of the AP classes at OHS. He was awarded with a number of scholarships and is attending UC Santa Barbara. You are definitely making yourself look stupid.

      • Paco

        hes attending San Diego State University and he got accepted into Berkeley

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BPSCKA7KUWWFITRDCLKZCFRMBE Janus Woninate.

    He probably just said he would like to see rosary rentals in the principals office, and that all your dreams will come true. 

  • Ffred184

    “We are in a community with two dominant languages, and both should be recognized.” NO. WE are in a community and country with ONE dominant language, ENGLISH. WHile I speak fluent Spainish I would of been offened that someone chose to exclude the language of the country where they were given the opportunity to go to school. The only reason there are so many Spainish speakers is becasue people either won’t learn English or the fact that they are cow-towed to and can get away with with not learning or speaking english.

  • Noellsq

    this is disgraceful my parents came to this country and did not speak a word of english but they learned. this is USA english if the latinos do not like it go home

  • TheNewAmericanWay

    Way to open a can of “worms” – but to better phrase this “somebody just stirred the bottomless pile of crap that still divides this country”  I applaud Saul Tello Jr for standing up for his well deserved right to speak in his GOD giving language of choice and put a community in check that obviously still lives in the era of the 50’s in terms about freedom of speech.  There is a new emerging generation that embraces diversity, multi-social cultural acceptance and we need more school officials to support such change in this society.   Nicely done Saul Tello Jr, you may not know it now because you are probably too young still but believe it, there are Millions in the USA alone supporting your act of bravery that have far better things to do than to counter attack every little petty comments everyone is here making about what it means “we are in America – English only” nonesense.  

  • e pluribus unum

    He is obviously well-taught by his indoctrinators, I mean teachers, to slap America in the face and honor the country that was incapable of providing his parents the opportunities they find here.
    But seeing people as groups and not individuals and then pandering to the properly chosen victim group does them no favors. How much better it would be for him to use his skills to help his parents become more proficient in English so they could appreciate his speech. It is spitting in the face of  America to pay more respect to the country his parents left. If the old country was deserving of such respect they never would have left it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002360492890 Earl L. Johnson

    OK America !! …. Let’s Wake Up !!

  • martifr

    More bs from what we have come to expect from a substandard public school system. Illegal vermin are here taking advantage of our social services. This kid AND his family should have been kicked out years ago. This bilingual education crap needs to be defunded and shut down immediately. My tax dollars are NOT for helping cure the social ills in messyco.

    • Genesisleo

      Native Americans were here first… so YOUR people should have never come here either… It Amazes me of how many RACIST people there are out there. Maybe this country will soon stop being the LAND of the FREE and become more like Germany when Htitler was in charge

      • JPD

        Native Americans were here first . . . yes, pre-1492. At some point, say 500+ years later, it seems kind of silly for people to keep mentioning this. 

  • martifr

    There is no room for bi lingual education nor support for il legal vermin here.

  • Terryr56

    Did anyone have the guts to walk out

  • Tatonka2001@gmail.com

    Brown’s tax initiative is coming in November. Vote no. The divisive education system may get the hint

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YXCBFSOUU2JRBGFJKWIZHJVGPQ sarum

    It is the epitome of rudeness to come to a nation and refuse to learn to speak la lingua franca which in this case, in this century, happens to be English.  You don’t get to pass on this unless you are mentally challenged or extremely senior.  The Spanish speaking who come here and refuse English are not incapable – they have been propagandized – politicized – this is political action planned and co-ordinated – not creeping happenstance as you are lead to believe.  Game over traitors and the traitorous traitors who coddle them.  Yes traitor is not overstating the problem in the least.  We have cities whose mayors have no English and don’t want anybody around them who does have English – compliance with laws written in English is not one of their concerns.  If prosecuted we have traitorous organizations who will give them free legal counsel – gratis.  Wake up bleeding hearts – the days of your seed are numbered!

  • Nancy

    The truth of the matter is speeches and ceremonies have never been bilingual unless the valedictorian or the speaker chosen are bilingual….other than that it’s English only and nobody shows the slightest interest in providing any sort of multilingual material for the rest of the community. It’s been brought to their attention but have yet to make any sort of change. Years and years later we have a student who is told last minute that he is valedictorian, writes his speeches one in English and one in Spanish and is told he can’t do both because of timing, and because of the lack of time to change or shorten is told to pick one. He opts for Spanish….

  • Nancy

    Ha ha ha ha when you think someone is a bigot guess what? You are probably the biggest one of them all!!  The truth of the matter is speeches and ceremonies have never been bilingual unless the valedictorian or the speaker chosen are bilingual….other than that it’s English only and nobody shows the slightest interest in providing any sort of multilingual material for the rest of the community. It’s been brought to their attention but have yet to make any sort of change. Years and years later we have a student who is told last minute that he is valedictorian, writes his speeches one in English and one in Spanish and is told he can’t do both because of timing, and because of the lack of time to change or shorten is told to pick one. He opts for Spanish….

    How dare you speak out of ignorance and bigotry? This is one ignorant ASS community to say the least….Why is this even an issue? How is it a slap in the face? Because you couldn’t follow 2% of a ceremony? I honestly don’t get it…..the kid could have given his speech in Chinese and I still wouldn’t give a crap. Be open-minded…embrace what this country is all about…. 

  • B89

    At the risk of being a bit different, I’d like to make two points. 
    1. Students are allowed to mention God, Jesus, Yaweh, Mohammed or the Buddha in a graduation speech. The separation of church and state does not, and was never intended, to infringe upon anyone’s right to believe in what they want to believe or speak about that. In fact, this separation was mostly intended to prevent the government from becoming dominated by a single religion and telling people what to worship. Early colonists had issues with religious states(ask the Pilgrims). Additionally, I find it a bit disheartening that so many people feel that their right to be a conservative Christian is being infringed upon by “liberals”. I don’t know exactly what is meant by the term, but I honestly believe there are few in the government who have it “out for the Christians” as 86% of congress is either “protestant” or “Catholic”. Perhaps they are of a different type of faith, but I don’t think anyone wants to restrict the rights of Christians in this country too much. Finally, President Obama just gave a speech in the tornado destroyed town of Joplin Missouri, where one of the most quoted lines was “May God bless the class of 2012.” I have heard no subsequent backlash. Again, this is not proof of no discrimination, but I do think that there may be other reasons that some members posting on this story feel so hated and those are worth exploring, either personally or as a community.2. In terms of English being an official language, I must say I surprised to find that, by a law passed in 1986, English is indeed the official language of California. I would like to paint a parallel here, however. Christianity is not the “official religion” of the United States (We don’t have one. We don’t live in a religious state). However, there seems to be considerable outcry against the difficulty of talking about Christianity in a public space. I think that having English as an “official language” is foolish. Learning multiple languages is helpful to children. It develops their brains more and allows them access to different ways of thinking. Still, I understand this complaint and see some validity.HOWEVER, this is a single day and a single graduation ceremony. Leave the kid in peace. He’s like 18. Even if you disagree, give him a break.

  • Genesis

    First: America doesn’t truly have an official language like other countries.
    Second: If you don’t think you have any rights for being Christian, English Speaking, and “WHITE”… you are wrong because you have a lot more rights than others do.
    Third: If you are all about being respectful to your country and proud of it, then why wouldn’t you keep your comments to yourself because you are COMPLAINING of “YOUR” country and respect the persons rights.
    AND FOURTH and FINAL!!!: STOP BEING RACIST!!! There is no need to bash on other ethnicity to try and feel better about yourselves, because truly just by doing that, you are showing how low of a person you are…


    • Just me

      “First: America doesn’t truly have an official language like other countries.”
      Correct.  And this incident just might re-ignite that idea again.

  • Ramone

    We are here now and speak any language we want.  America supposed to be free,so I am free to speak Spanish, my language and not the language of the imperialists.

    • JPD

       You only exist because of imperialists, the Spanish.

  • throttler

    First, what language were all his classes given in?  ENGLISH. Second, all of his fellow graduates listening to his speech must have spoken and understood English to graduate.  Therefore, he should give his speech in a language that they ALL can understand – ENGLISH!

    • Trigger

      Hey maybe it’s time to learn you some Español! ;-p

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_72OKX52R53RXZASDEE3M4BI6AQ Jeff

        What’s the number one language spoken around the world? It’s not Spanish. Nice try though. And if I did live in Mexico,I would do whatever I could to learn the language and assimilate. Unlike most of immigrants coming to America these days.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=724835102 Trigger Garcia


          Glad you asked. The number one language spoken around the world is Mandarin. Read a book brother Jeff.

          Number of speakers: 1 billion+
          Surprise, surprise, the most widely spoken language on the planet is based in the most populated country on the planet. Beating second-place English by a 2 to 1 ratio, but don’t let that lull you into thinking that Mandarin is easy to learn. Speaking Mandarin can be really tough, because each word can be pronounced in four ways (or “tones”), and a beginner will invariably have trouble distinguishing one tone from another. But if over a billion people could do it, so could you. Try saying hello!
          To say “hello” in Mandarin, say “Ni hao” (Nee HaOW). (“Hao” is pronounced as one syllable, but the tone requires that you let your voice drop midway, and then raise it again at the end.)

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      your daughter will love speaking spanish when they all take over! wow you are a nutjob, you belive in chemtrails too?

  • MikeyS

    To whomever reads this and my previous post, please stop being so one-sided on the issue.  The overwhelming majority of these posts are sided against speaking Spanish during the speech and a lot of people I know have been saying that their posts are being deleted by management.  As a newspaper (I am a student studying journalism at Fresno State) you should know objectivity is the highest value of all, so if you are withholding posts please remember that.  

    • MikeyS

       So this post makes it but the other one does not?  Way to be objective.

    • http://www.westsideconnect.com Mattos Newspapers

      Only a couple of posts have been deleted; those contained foul language, overt racism, or were off topic. Some posts are selected by the system for review, so they are not posted automatically. That does not mean they were deleted; they just have to be manually approved by a moderator. Thank you for your participation.

      • Friedwatermellon

        Mattos, you’re an idiot, how do you define  a language as racist you low life.

  • Trigger

    Saul Tello,
    Thank you for being an exemplary individual and an amazing human being. Do not fret at all the irrational hate, bigotry, and prejudice spewing and oooooozing out of the dark recesses of some folks dysfunctional hearts. In fact, embrace their hate,bigotry, and prejudice and recognize it as a validation of your true greatness. Besides, the reality is that these morons that are attacking you are themselves struggling to do so in proper English and without typos.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_72OKX52R53RXZASDEE3M4BI6AQ Jeff

      Only hate I see is coming out of you. Trigger, you are a complete idiot and a waste of human space. If you were standing in front of me, I would say it your face and there would be nothing you could do about. You are a typical, left wing America hating troll. When you disagree with someone you call them names. Two can play at that game.

  • A Son of Liberty

    Liberalism is killing our repoublic!

    • Trigger

      And your inability to spell correctly is embarrassing. You are massacring our beloved English language. I do believe you were attempting to spell “republic” or “republica” as in Español.

      • Friedwatermellon

        Trigger your a total A hole

      • Palouse8040

        “massacring” ???

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=724835102 Trigger Garcia


          “Massacring” as described by Webster.

          massacring present participle of mas·sa·cre (Verb)
          Verb:Deliberately and violently kill (a large number of people).Inflict a heavy defeat on (a sports team or contestant)

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      no the greedy white politicians selling us all to china is mam.

  • init4real

    “It is sad that some people can be so closed-minded about it….” What’s sad is that he had utter disregard for the majority of people who came to THEIR childrens’ graduation as well and chose to make it  confusing for them.  What’s sad is that he went to an English speaking school, classes in English and yet he thumbs his nose  at the language of the majority. For being a valedictorian he sure was stupid; he should have said a few lines in Spanish to honor his parents and the rest in English. His parents are in this country, are they even TRYING to learn English, to assimilate? Shouldn’t they have some grasp of the English language by now?  The best way he could honor his parents is to have assisted them and help teach them ENGLISH so they could have ENJOYED and UNDERSTOOD not only his seech but the speeches of the other participatnts as well….

    • Friedwatermellon

      He probably got his schooling for free.

      • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

        I gave your mom her Schoolin fer free bubba

      • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

        like the trailer park school you go to fer yer ged

        • joe

          Having looked over your posts here and at other sites you have commented on, every single post you made was a juvenile attemp to start an argument. You try to belittle every one else yet only make yourself look like a child. Does your mommy know you are on the computer??? Grow up.

      • Bonjour Parisover!

        He didnt.I know his family and him and he is a normal person like everybody else.I am not lying,I know them.

    • ThisIsMe2616

      um i do believe in order to graduate you have to take A SECOND Language! so if im in the us and speak english why do i have to take a second language?? OH thats right because NEWS FLASH people america is a big melting pot of different languages and cultures , and in Newman about half speak spanish as a first language … so your comment doesnt make sense
      “What’s sad is that he went to an English speaking school, classes in English and yet he thumbs his nose at the language of the majority.”
      ever been to the school ? maybe you should visit and then comment with facts … :) just a thought

      • concerned

        No… they do NOT need to take a second language in order to graduate. The CA State requirements are a Foreign Language OR Art. Just to be clear. So, any of Art, Band, Drama, or Choir classes fill the requirement.

  • Friedwatermellon

    Tello is a frustrated inferior punk who deserves a kick in the azz 5 times.

  • NoMoreMonkeysAsPresident


  • Friedwatermellon

    His speech should have been in English..Period

    To anyone with a corporation please keep this guys name on a Black list to not hire.

    • http://www.yellow.com/ The Madrebuker

      and how will YOU keep him from your trailer park mam?

    • John

      Are you serious? They’re rolling out the red carpet!!!

  • JPD

    I’m sure he’s a fine young man. He’s not trying to disrespect non-Spanish speakers, and I’m quite sure he’s aware he has the opportunities he has because he lives in the US, a predominantly English-speaking country, and not Mexico. The speech should have been bi-lingual. But frankly, in light of other terrible graduation speeches I’ve endured, maybe it would be better to hear them in languages I don’t understand. 

  • Palouse8040

    The “fine young man” is seething with contempt for the non-Spanish speakers, i.e. Americans.

  • streekyd

    Honor thy country!

  • Lupe

    Deport this fat pile of xxx anchor baby and his retarded illegal alien parents. Disgusting pigs. They come here, get all the freebies including this education and they spit in the face of the country. Vermin.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BYRVRCDIQ4TEYS25WJRQD6DHLQ Manuel G

    Well, for starters, congrats for working hard and maintaining the highest GPA for your class. It is unfortunate that the heart spoke louder than what common sense did. Although I applaud you for having given your parents appreciation for their support and enduring love, your speech should have been in English. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with knowing more than one language, but know your audience. Even George Lopez knows that. It is shameful and egotistical of your parents to refuse to speak English. It is the barrio mentality, the machismo of our culture. It is why we lag in our education, our inspiration and quality way of life. Both my parents speak fluent English and Spainsh. My wife and I speak both fluent English and Spanish. Although we were born and raised here in the good ol USA, we understand the advantages of learning a second language, especially the one of your heritage. Needless to say, you caused controversy on what should have been a wonderful memory had you incorporated English in your speech. You’re in America, learn the language and assimilate.

    • Trigger

      If only the pilgrims (the original illegal immigrants) would have followed your advice and assimilated to the native American lifestyle. If your advice would have been adopted by the European border jumper young Mr. Tello might have given his valedictorian speech Algic, Iroquoian, Siouan, etc. Maybe even Mayan!

      Now, If only them raping, pillaging, thiefing, devilish original illegal border jumping Europeans would have just followed your advice and assimilated to the customs and language of the land as it was the day they landed on the land

      • Trigger

        …of the original Braves, the native Americans!!!

  • OHS Observer

    OK, I too have fine Sons. Had I moved to a country where we were required
    to learn “their” language, I would have been more proud of my son had he
    delivered it in “THEIR” tongue than ours! In our tongue, he would have merely
    proved that he did not loose it by learning “theirs”. But, in theirs, he would
    have shown he is indeed “tops”.

    Only a problem with this kind of thinking: We are proud, arrogant,
    and even dumb!

    Is there not more to it than what we think “we” are? Should we not thank
    our parents, teachers, and local educational leaders for creating the best
    environment for us to be able to grow?

    That is, to learn to make smart choices by intelligently applying all that
    was learned, and never forgetting common sense.

    A century ago, there were few schools here, perhaps  because some areas had no Tax
    base to support them.

    Therefore, it’s OK to thank the tax payer, property owners, etc… that
    make it happen well enough that we now take education for granted.

    Speaking of choices, let’s see what choices the School Board is capable of making.

  • W Dawes

    There has been a wave of re-education. in this state, to accept the colonization of California by Spanish speakers. California is not a colony or a state of Mexico, and Americans need to defend that Fact. Americans should not tolerate it, and should show their disdain by letter, protest, and boycott until they understand that English is the official language of this nation.

    The PC, cosmopolitan, socialists continue to see “themselves” as some higher academic order because they push for other languages. But that is the Socialist backdoor to create the type of chaos they need for their political agenda. It needs to be stop. The global idea/culture of America is being torn down by these cosmos and it needs to be reawakened.

    The participants of the ceremony should have been told ahead of time, on the program, that the Valedictorian’s speech was Spanish only so Americans could walk out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WKIZ26TEXY4XWQTY46GPGAOX3M Manny

    This is completely wrong and disrespectful of him! However, it is more disrespectful of the school to let him do this to the community of parents attending the graduation.
    If I was in Puerto Rico where Spanish is the main language I would not see a problem. He was attending a US school where the primary language is English.
    It is like me speaking to the CEO or CIO of my company in Spanish because I know the language. Although I’m hispanic and my main language is Spanish I solely speek English at work and outside unless I’m among my family.
    As a courtesy when we have people who don’t know the language we speak English. Hell, we speak English even with people who understand Spanish but are more comfortable with English.
    This young man although a “Valedictorian” showed poor judgement and lack of courtesy. I hope this was only a mistake and that he learn from this experience and it is not a grudge in his hearth to make a point.

  • Trigger

    This is a severely biased neespaper. My comments in support of our illustrious valedictorian continually get deleted. Others that support our illustrious valedictorian have complained of the same. I will never purchase this biased newspaper ever again.

    • http://www.westsideconnect.com Mattos Newspapers

      Two of your 8 posts were deleted due to name-calling. The other 6 posts were not deleted.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=724835102 Trigger Garcia


        Seeing how name-calling so disturbed you I went ahead on my own accord and located for your deletion gods many other instances of name-calling. Lets see how objective, or not, indeed you are, or aren’t!!

  • hereNnewman

    I know that this happened and there is a lot of controversy but where are the comments congratulating all of these kids on their achievement. I think it is sad that they are getting pushed aside in all of this. These kids went through school, stayed in when some others didn’t, pushed through, and graduated high school. I want to wish them all congratulations and send my good wishes onto them in their next stage in live!

  • psadie

    This was a slap in the face to the other graduates and their families. If you are chosen to speak, then do it in OUR LANGUAGE so that all can appreciate what you have to say. This person was incredibly selfish.

  • emory557

    He should not have been allowed to give the speech. He disrespected the nation that gave him such great opportunities.

  • redwhiteandblue

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in
    good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be
    treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to
    discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.
    But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American,
    and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man
    who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.
    We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one
    language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one
    sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    Roosevelt 1907

  • I Love The U.S.A.

    As a non-Spanish speaking person, if I were a student at the graduating exercises, I would have stood up and walked out when Tello began his speech in Spanish. But hey, folks, get used to this type of behavior. Our government seems to dislike English speaking citizens and non-Muslims……..

  • Bernard

    Why is there a so called two dominant language situation anywhere in the United States. The primary and only language spoken in Our United States is ENGLISH. Not Spanish, German, Italian, Russian or any other language. Just English!!

  • http://twitter.com/Mordecajax Mordecai Bautista

    This is America. Speak English

  • mcast

    Props to this kid. You worked hard for your accomplishment and it was all thanks to your familia so why not honor their precense?

  • mom2012

    I am a parent that had a child graduate with this young man. Yes, at the time our family felt offended because we could not understand the speech and received no sort of translation. But, what actually struck me was that while this young man was speaking not only were the people who could not understand him not paying attention and talking to each other, but, so were the hispanic families around us. I understand his whole point of wanting to honor his parents, but what about the country he lives in, that provided him an education and his fellow classmates? It is amazing how much exposure this has gotten and its really sad our great community looks bad because of it.

  • http://twitter.com/FCPolitics John Paul

    These people are morons. They’ll have to go through more trouble and expense to accommodate this Tower of Babel mentality. A common language allows people to communicate with each other.

  • msistad

    HERE HERE!!!!!!!

  • JimBobJones1

    Deport this anchor baby and his illegal alien parents.

  • NON Liberal New York

    I am with you Tommy Ross I would have stood up flipped the bird and most likely spoken the meaning of the finger aloud. This is America, an ENGLISH speaking country. I am so sick of these liberals dictating their ‘agenda’ and changing our history. The Pledge of Allegiance says “Under God” so if you have a right not to say it I have a right to say it. GOD BLESS AMERICA. AS AMERICANS WE HAVE TO STOP LETTING THIS HAPPEN. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION, LITTLE BY LITTLE THEY ARE REWRITING HISTORY. IF YOU DONT LIKE AMERICAN AND ITS HISTORY LEAVE, I WILL BE THERE TO BOOT YOU OUT WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE.!

  • Bubba

    Wow, I am outraged. How can this happen in America. A graduation speech only given in one language. Only white middle and upper class Christian Americans are allowed to do that! People of other ethnic backgrounds who may have emigrated to this country a little later than Caucasian Europeans have no right to language or culture. They are lucky that the dominant class even allows them to exist here! We need to build a bigger wall to keep out all of those foreigners. Ted Nugent could guard it with his machine gun! …….Did I do a good job of channeling the Fox News, NRA, Rush, right wingnut? Does this sentiment sound sane to you? If it does you need to wake up from your conservative collective comas and realize that the world you fantasize about is no more real than The Andy Griffith Show America you so wish we could return to. Wake up people, America is great because of diversity, not in spite of it!

  • theMan

    WOW… I just love how they say English was the first language in America.. someone didnt learn anything in Orestimba as i can see.. you people are taking this too far and you are entering a fight you just cannot win.. lol.. mexicans are the majority now in newman.. so im sorry my white folks but you are going to have to just deal with it..

  • Fatima

    ARE WE IN AMERICA OR ARE IN Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM sick and tired to catering to a certain nationality. Because everyone is so afraid of not being policitally correct that we are losing everything. My family came to this country in 1969, my parents did not speak a word of English, but when then needed assistance they took it upon themselves to have someone with them to translate, THEY DID NOT DEPEND ON OR EXPECT to have someone to cater to them, I am happy to say that they did well in life, as did their children. NO ONE GAVE US ANYTHING. Everything that we have today we worked hard for it. Again, nothing was given to us!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you make it so easy and give everything to someone on a silver plalter they come to expect it all the time and believe that they will be taken care of all of the time. This student what country gave him the education? Was it in Mexico? Did that government pay for his education? WHAT A SLAP ON THE FACE TO AMERICA!!! Us hard working people pay our taxes and then this is the way the boy pays this country. Shame shame shame, shame on the administration, shame on those parents, because they did not instill and teach this BOY how to respect the country that has given him the opportunities till now and in the future in life. We came to this country to make a better life for us and our children, and we have. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY and respect it.. This BOY and his family came from Mexico why, because they wanted to come here and make a better life for themselves and I can understand that, but again this is how he thanked America. I understand that we have the right to free speech and that is the wonderful thing, we all have that freedom but this was very disrespectful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Hillyard/100000971153370 Mark Hillyard

    So his ‘speach’ goes out and disperse’s like smoke. Paul the Apostle said he’d rather say one word in the correct language rather than ‘speak as angels’ and have noone understand. Don’t you think?

  • http://www.facebook.com/maria.arevalos Maria Arevalos-Guzman

    I would like to say one thing regarding this “debate in the community”, the community is not sitting in caps and gowns with their friends, waiting to be presented with their diplomas. If THE STUDENTS have not expressed any issues with Saul’s speech being in Spanish then I see no motive as to why the “community” should be enraged. It is NOT YOUR graduation. Yes it may be your friend or family member Graduating, but in the end this is “their party” as they say. Why make a big deal out of something that the STUDENTS don’t care about….yea the community is enraged, well so what? If the speech was in, say, Portuguese would you all have made a big deal about this? No, of course not. So once again I ask, if the students did not care that the speech was in Spanish then what is the “Community” doing? Just deal with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gordon-Corey/100000958663297 Gordon Corey

    Fuqada ahzholio.

  • http://twitter.com/mig_gal miguel gallegos

    Earning a deploma does not give anyone the right to hijack a graduation ceremony; he might have graduated top of his class, but he showed an enormous lack of wisdom.

    • Paco

      u know none of the graduates are compaining

      • concerned

        Actually, MANY of them complained. Some wrote letters. Some spoke at the school board meeting.

        What MOST people are missing here is a student wasn’t given the proper guidance and taught the first rule in speech delivery… KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!!! You’re audience ALL spoke and understood ENGLISH. If you want your words to be heard, make it so everyone can understand.

        Honoring his parents was a wonderful idea. But, it should have been a small portion of his speech that is meant to be a symbol of leadership to his fellow graduates.

        And someone also forgot to teach him, if you need to apologize upfront, maybe you should rethink what you’re doing.

  • spreadpeace

    at least 90% of the people voicing their OPINION about the student’s speech have no real passion towards the topic nor towards this country. Just a bunch of bored ass people trying to stir up some contravercy.I applaud the student for his achievments and for his speech, regardless of whether it was presented in spanish or in english. Land of the FREE! xD

  • Proud Mom

    It would have been nice to either hear the speech in both Spanish and English, or to be able to read along in English. I do not speak Spanish, but simply was very interested to know what the speaker was conveying at the time. So I was disappointed that I could not understand him. It was surely a proud moment for the young man speaking, and he probably wanted to enable his relatives to understand the entire speech. I hope the administrators learn from this. Why not simply give the speeches in both languages, or allow the audience to read along?.

  • Susan Gabriel

    I hate the fact that he did that, Many fought and died to conquer this great land. They chose english to be the language of our great country and paid for it with there blood. Oue school system is corupted with teachers who should not be alowed to throw mud on our constitution. I love my country and I”M proud of the english language. I was taught to speak. All Spanish signs should be removed from all stores and buildings. Its an insult to America . There are no signs in English, in any outher non English speaking country in the world.

  • Caroline Brown

    Enlighten me, please, did this graduation take place in Mexico? If it did, then spanish is the spoken language there. But, If the school is in the United States of America, English,should be spoken. Didn’t the graduates attend school to learn their, A, B, C’s
    And while we’re at it, let’s get GOD back into the school system.

    Caroline Brown

  • Sluggie

    As facts supporting an overarching argument you link a story about a single high school and a blog? Someone needs to go back to school for an education, but it isn’t Mr. Tello

  • served 6 years for usa

    he said he did it to honor his parents if his parents only speak spanish then im fine with it he was the smartest kid … HE EARNED IT i hope he becomes something great..

  • sickened by

    HOW DARE HE!! This is NOT a Spanish-speaking country. NOT everyone speaks Spanish. How dare he give that speach in Spanish. They talk about “ugly Americans” in Europe being pushy and not respecting the cultures of those countries they visit….WELL THERE ARE PLENTY OF UNGLY MEXICANS and they need to GO home if they can’t learn English. I don’t care WHAT his stupid ignorant reason was…GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!

  • TAW62

    Deserves? Earned or is entitled? When I hear people using these words to describe this young man, it only validates my opinion that we have become a weaker state under liberalism.
    Did any of his family help ward off General Cornwallis and the British troops in the American Revolution? How about in the war of 1812, any members there to help defend this country? Let’s try the American civil war, war with Mexico (on this side of the skirmish) What about WWI and WWII, Korea, Vietnam or any of the gulf wars?
    If the answer is no, then he deserves, is entitled to, or has earned nothing. My family has contributed members to every conflict and or war in defense of this country since 1747 and many have sacrificed their lives in doing so. The only thing I personally feel “entitled” to is to Love and Honor this country, defend her from enemies, foreign or deistic, and protect my family and fellow Americans and the words of the US Constitution.
    To my Hispanic American brethren in arms I salute you. To those who abuse or threaten this great nation, I would consider you an enemy regardless of your ethnicity. I am appalled by those who try to justify notion that somehow this kid deserves anything from a country that has already given so much. You! Owe this country. This is the United States of America and this flag dips for no other. WE SPEAK ENGLISH don’t disrespect the American people for self-gratification.

  • ThisIsMe2616

    AM I the only one who doesnt see a problem with the student saying the speach in spanish?
    if anything , the school should have thought about it and had the speach printed in the program. (which they did in the paper the following week) HELLO .. the world is changing and growing , so what he gave it in spanish – he wanted his family to understand – thats AWESOME!
    there is a first time for everything and next year if the situation comes up again then the school can do it different …
    still trying to figure out why everyone is so mad
    i say WAY TO GO SAUL!!!! and congrats
    (you have put our little town on the map – with out even trying ! the world needs more people like you !!!!