Happy Birthday 

Jan. 17

Hailey Medeiros, Cassie Kalapsa, Joshua Avila, Destiny Puente, Eduardo Mercado, Harold Moorehead Sr. (In Memory), Juana Rosas, Sheila Barnes, Susan Bunker, Jennifer Golda, Rita Costa, Jennifer Villalobos, Rose Burton, Garry Costa, Cliff Lyons and Penny Ashbaugh

Jan. 18

Claudia Munoz, Edward Amescua, Raul Mariscal, Karen Crow, Shane F. Azevedo, Martin Cozzitorto, Dr. Robert DiGiorno, Jeremy Caetano, Tracy Silva, Sarah West, Lillian Costa, Gina Spinelli, Matt Silva and Norman Perry (In Memory)

Jan. 19

Danny Brace, Cheryl Champion, Veronica Smith, Abraham Virgen, Leonardo Rosario, Charles Tanner, Cody Faria, Lisa Simoes-Correia, Taryn Shaeffer, Doug LeFever (In Memory) and Denise Melo

Jan. 20

Nicholas Morgan, Bobby Horta, Cindy Morris (In Memory), Tammy Correa, Maxine Rovedatti, Jose Marquez Sr., Kyle Millerick, Diane Rocha, Alexander Cuevas, Mary Ann Rego, Cathy Winchester, Dianne Darrow (In Memory), Rose Marie Lopes, Helen Tosta (In Memory), Yvette Lopez and Pat Traver

Jan. 21

James Chavez, Rene Senna, Rockeye Cozzitorto, Amy Miller, Harold Dutra (In Memory), Clint Manzo, Kaela Causey, Joe M. Rocha (In Memory), Elizabeth Lopez, Jake Dinneen, Sheila Espinoza, Lillian Brunsvik (In Memory), Noah Joyce, Kristina Zetzsche and Jack Byers

Jan. 22

Guadencio Flores, Kenneth Ancalade, James Mello, Nancy Bonta, Paul DiSanti (In Memory), Holly Guinn, Celina Madruga (In Memory), Brooke Moore Sanchez, Dwayne Riddle, Holly Maybon and John Mills Jr. (In Memory)

Jan. 23

Kali Brazil, Michelle Abel, Mia Gillum, Martha Martinez, Bill Nunes Jr., Amy Manzo, Christopher Ramirez, Margie Pfitzer, Dawson Hernandez and Jackie Miskell


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