Happy Birthday

Aug. 1

Kianna Vargas, Jordan Abbey, Laura Bravo, Jamie Gourley, Christina Hernandez (In Memory), Joyce Lawrence, Madeline Lawrence, Butch Nunes (In Memory), Jessica Guzman, Nick Vose, Sandra George, Joe Tosta (In Memory), Alyssa Nunes, Tiana Harris, Frank Mendonca (In Memory), Breanne Moore and Zalysia Cruz

Aug. 2

Suzanne Brown, Dolores Bonilla, Mary Oliveira (In Memory), Patricia Hickman, Abigail Haire, Scott Pasco, Scot Sequeira, Annie Costa, Christopher Roehlk, Christopher Ollar, Alan Santos, Natalie Edwards, Rochelle Cotta, Jose Flores, Deyce Munoz, Sue Perry, Mary Ann Verhaegen, Dave Gallegos and Camryn Manzo

Aug. 3

Scott Carlsen, Michael Roehlk, Brooke Borba, Royce Hollister, Allison Reader, Silverio Sandoval, Karrie Ungelbach, Kathy Pon, Lena Pinnick (in memory) and Candy Miller

Aug. 4

Danielle Perez, John Branco, Chris Lewis, Samantha Lunsford, Brittany Leon, Stephanie Mortensen, George S. Lopes (In Memory), Joe Peichoto (In Memory), Fortino Cruz (In Memory), Martha Azevedo, Bob Murphy, Steven R. Cox, Patricia Rocha, Anthony Borrelli Jr., Ann Creamer, Matthew Ferreira, Damitri Alamo, Travis Rebelo, Ian Borge and Michael Meisner

Aug. 5

Nels Hansen Jr., Mary Menezes (In Memory), Terry Jenkins (In Memory), Antonio Aguiar, Bud Cozzitorto (In Memory), Lois Nagle (In Memory), Cheyenne Perry, James Jacobs, Herminia Virgen and Joan Esposito

Aug. 6

Frank Mayer (In Memory), Rhyan Ellen Marroquin, Ally Pauletto, Janice Sterling, Kayleigh Urias, Jose Aguirre, Darrell Rosenau, Dick Schuldt (In Memory), Manuel J. Faria, Marc Ouse, Jennifer Rowton, Vicky McCarthy, Rosalie Rebelo, Irma Macedo (In Memory), Leo Bizzini (In Memory), Christina Torrez, Michael Kimball, Giana Naegeli, Dominic Neuman, Jonathan Cambra, Vicky Snyder, Derek Schucherdt, Marie Hearin, Julia Dean, Kevin Riddle and Timothy Mitchell (In Memory)

Aug. 7

Alfred Lewis, Serene Vargas, Dan Robinson, Diana Cotta, Chris Krogh, Karyn Bosco, Denise Silva, Katie Wortman, Victor Martino (In Memory), Tracy Varnell, Nichole Silveira and Jade Gomes

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