Several teams entered into two different divisions over the weekend. They ranged from Lower Division and Upper Division.

Following are results.

Lower Division - 1st Place

“Slap It”  - Trisha Gray, Derick Gray, Olivia Gray, and Valerie Torres of Newman; and Isai Rodriguez, of Turlock

Lower Division - 2nd Place

“Triple ‘G’” - Jose Mendoza, Ivan Gonzalez, Jesus Gonzalez, Pablo Gonzalez, and Maribel Piseno, of Newman

Upper Division - 1st Place

“Inshallah” - Gabriel Gutierrez, Samie Moshrea, Noah Fithian, and Abdul Nouri, of Tracy

Upper Division -2nd Place

“Bad Batch” - Trey Person, Seth Moore, Caleb Moore and J.T. Kuderca, of Patterson

Car Show

Local Car enthusiasts join in the car show put on by the Local Westside Auto Club. A few received top honors.

Results were as follows.

Newman Fire Chief’s Pick: Raul Aguilar 1978 Cadillac

Newman Police Chief’s Pick: Tony Lemus 1972 K10 4WD Chevy

Mayor Casey Graham’s Pick: Mark & Denise Orozco 1970 Chevy Elcamino SS

Miss Newman’s Pick: Tasha C 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible

NFF Chairman’s Pick: Ken Bourgeois 1960 Ford F100 4WD 

Baking Contest

A baking contest returned to the 2021 Newman Fall Festival schedule of events.

Jennifer Lane earned top honors overall with her Circus Cookie Macaron.

Following are results by division.

Cakes/Coffee Cakes

1st Place: Amanda Watson

2nd Place: Patty Lindquist

3rd Place: Tori Sarasqueta


1st Place: Jennifer Lane

2nd Place: Lacey Landeros

3rd Place: Juliana Roberts


1st Place: Lacey Landeros


1st Place: Caralyn Mendoza

2nd Place: Lacey Landeros

3rd Place: Diana George


1st Place: Tori Sarasqueta

2nd Place: Lacey Landeros

Children’s Division

1st Place: Raylen Barcellos

2nd Place: Carmen Funez

3rd Place: Marlayna Barcellos

Fall Festival Parade

A colorful parade rolled through downtown Newman Sunday morning to kick of a full day of Fall Festival events.

 Two popular entries, Merced Co. Sheriffs who recived the Mounted Sweepstakes and Stephens & Borrelli Inc. who was honored with the Best themed Entry.

Following are parade results.

Class I Floats

1st Place: Stewart & Jasper Orchards

2nd Place: Patterson Apricot Fiesta

Class III Bands

1st Place: OHS Band

Class V Automobiles

1st Place: Stephens & Borrelli Inc.

2nd Place: Victor Gil & Family

3rd Place: Ben Mendonca

Class VI Automobile Club

1st Place: Westside Auto Club

2nd Place: 4x4 In Motion

Class VII Novelty - Dance Groups

1st Place: Spotlight Dance Studio

2nd Place: Kat’s Level Up

3rd Place: Powers Production

Class VIII Novelty - Local Clubs/Organizations

1st Place: OHS Cheer

2nd Place: Westside Football

3rd Place: Westside Cheer

Class IX Novelty - Miscellaneous

1st Place: Modesto Shriners Club - Mini Lizzies

2nd Place: Juan Alanis for Sheriff

3rd Place: Portuguese Farmer from the Azores

Class XI Mounted

Charros/Charra - 1st Place: Association De Charros Rancho Eucalipto

Fancy Dress Western - Open - 1st Place: Candy Graham

Ladie’s Side Saddle - Open - 1st Place: Charlie Alamo

Mounted Groups Jr. - 1st Place: Quadrille Queens

Mounted Groups Sr. - 1st Place: Merced Co. Sheriffs Posse

2nd Alameda Co. Sheriffs Place: Posse

Mounted Sweepstakes: Merced Co. Sheriffs Posse

Best Theme Entry: Stephens & Borrelli Inc.

Best Newman Entry: Kat’s Level Up

Parade Sweepstakes: Stewart & Jasper Orchards

Corn Hole Tournament

The Fall Festival held a Corn Hole Tournament this year where teams from three different division could enter and test their skills against others.

The Tournament was held Sunday.


1st Place: LouieSMASH City

2nd Place: George G. & Matthew G.

3rd Place: LUNA #24 & Balcom


1st Place: Cesar A. and Jr.

2nd Place: Rick S. & MyBoyRicky

3rd Place: Raul M. & Aric M.


1st Place: Luke Q. & JR B.

2nd Place: Rafael G. and Jay

3rd Place: Sam H. and Mia G

COED Softball

A Co-ed softball tournament concluded the Fall Festival activities. team from the local and out of town division took part in the tournament. 

The results are as followed. 

Out of Town Division

1st Place: The Jerks - Adam Urnberg, Marcus Cole, Jared Reyna, Austin Thomas, Eric Blaine, Veronica Cole, Melisa Gonzalez, Shane Grissom, Sabrina Alvarado, Brody Thomas, Alyssa Thomas 

2nd Place: Hellbent Customs - Eddie Gomez, Tommy Naranjo, Julio Romero,Anna Romero, Robyn Huerta, Alex Pedregon, Louie Garcia, Thomas Carrillo, Liz Ines, Kelsey Russell, Jaime Hall

Local Division

1st Place: It Is what It Is - Kathy Pena, Mauria Reed, Marisa Longoria, Melissa Kelly, Jen Muller, Andy Guzman, Cesar Anaya, Stevie De La Cruz, Matt Yruegas, Doc, Chino Garcia

2nd Place: Aim 4 the Bushes - Chris Carnero, Abel Morales, Edgar Vasquez, Anthony Almanza, Taylor Camacho, Stacey Leal, Irene Segura, Sara Solorio, Yvette Fragoza, Bobby Torres, Steve Klups, Scotty Camacho

Pets of Parade

A Newman Fall Festival favorite, returned to the to the park gazebo stage Saturday morning. Local pet owners and their pets took the catwalk to strut their stuff and compete in fun categories.

Following are the results.

Dumb Trick: Titus (Dog) Hanson Family

Owner-Pet Look Alike: Marshmallow and Snowball (Rabbits) Vincent and Jackson Sterling

Most Unique Pet: Mushu (Bearded Dragon) Chris Baily

Best Dressed Pet: Lionhead (Rabbit) Julian Leon

Biggest Pet: Joy (Rabbit) Lexie Sterling

Smallest Pet: Diamond (Chihuahua) Laura Lopez 

Honorable Mention: Baby Girl (Goat) Ro Blakesley

Walking Tour Raffle Winner 

Kandace Furtado received top honors as one of the many that entered into the contest buy meeting up at St. Claire’s corner to join a stroll through Newman’s history. At the end of the tour, participants had the opportunity to win tickets to the West Side Theatre through a drawing.