Dr. Patrick McCauley, D.C., has opened a chiropractic practice in Newman.

NEWMAN - A chiropractor who has called Newman home for about 10 years while commuting to his practice in the Bay Area is setting up shop locally.

Dr. Patrick McCauley, D.C., has established a practice at 1162 Main St.

Newman Family Chiropractic is currently open three days a week, McCauley said, but he will be adding hours as he phases out of his Mountain View location.

McCauley said he decided to open a practice in Newman because he no longer wishes to commute.

The initial reception has been positive, he said. While there is significant interest in chiropractic care, McCauley noted, residents have had to commute to other cities for treatment.

“There has not been a chiropractor here in quite a while,” he commented.

McCauley, who is also an author and a speaker, said his expertise is in bio-mechanics such as body movement and posture.

“My approach is a whole body approach,” he said, emphasizing that every part of the body affects others. “I use chiropractic as my way to help people improve their quality of life. That branches out into nutrition and exercise.”

McCauley said he was introduced to the profession when he went to work in a Bay Area chiropractic office doing administrative duties. He was playing semi-professional football at the time, and leaving at lunch on a regular basis for physical therapy sessions.

When his employer learned where he was going each day he offered to help, McCauley told Mattos Newspapers.

“He did this amazing exam and figured out what was going on and took care of me. I wasn’t getting progress before, then I was,” he shared. “I knew then that was what I wanted (to do).”

McCauley attended Palmer College West in San Jose, graduating in 2003. A year later, he bought the practice where he had been working.

A search for more affordable housing brought the McCauley family to Patterson about 12 years ago, he said, and after two years there they moved to Newman. 

Now he is establishing his practice locally.

“I still have a couple of days that I go over to see long-time patients there, but I am looking forward to growing this here,” the chiropractor commented.

Newman Family Chiropractic is open Tuesdays from 3-5 p.m. and Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-5. Call 243-9231 for appointments or additional information about the practice.