The Arco AM/PM gas station, car wash and convenience store that was expected to break ground in Newman this summer could start demolition in the upcoming weeks.

The Newman Planning Commission approved the project in February for the site on the west side of Highway 33 between Kern and Mariposa streets  that used to be an auto dealership and bus company. 

The project does have a demolition permit to start taking down the vacant building. civil plans also have been approved, but the building plans still needs to have some adjustments made, said Newman City Planner Justin Hendrix.

A project description details plans for a 24-hour convenience store/fueling station, and a car wash that would be limited primarily to daytime hours. As a condition of approval, the car wash can operate only between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. 

To minimize the traffic impacts on the fire station located directly across Highway 33 to the east, access off the highway will be right in, right out only. Access points are also located off Mariposa and Kern Streets. The site would have a 10-foot screening wall on the west side of the property.

An initial environmental study indicated that the likelihood of soil contamination is minimal. Additional soil testing will be required as the project moves forward. If any remediation is required the responsibility will fall to the property owner. 

The project is expected to take eight to 12 months to complete, partially because of supply chain shortages caused by the pandemic. In particular, underground storage tanks are proving to be harder to get.