The Gustine Unified School District Board will be discussing new trustee area boundaries at the regular meeting Wednesday night.

The school district uses a by-trustee area election process to elect the governing board members. The state has an educational code that requires school districts that elect by-trustee area to adjust the trustee area boundaries following the census conducted every 10 years. 

The adjustments have to keep each trustee’s area with a proportional population. This means that some trustees have a large geographical area that is primarily rural with less residents, and others have small areas that are where most of the residents live.

The trustees will have three boundary maps to consider adopting. The district is divided into five areas.

In Plan A and Plan B, part of Area 1 that was bounded by Highways 33 and 140 would move into Area 4 and a portion of Area 4 moves to Area 1. In Plan C, a section of Area 4 moves to Area 3 and a smaller portion of Area 4 moves to Area 1.

The Board also will consider other action items, including:

* Purchasing a LED display for Gustine Elementary School at a cost of $19,368.94. The school’s current marquee is not digital. A LED marquee is expected to improve communications because messages and events can be shared in English and Spanish.

* Purchasing new library furniture for Gustine Elementary School that would allow for a flexible seating arrangement. The cost is $19,686.99.

The GUSD Board meets at 1500 Meredith Avenue in Gustine. Closed session starts at 6 p.m. and open session begins at 7 p.m.