GHS Senior

Patrick Broderick was Gustine High School’s Boys State delegate this summer.

Senior Patrick Broderick, the 17-year-old son of Joseph and Tonyia Broderick, was chosen to represent Gustine High School at the 2019 Boys State session this past summer.

The week-long program, hosted by the American Legion, provides insight into government and the opportunity for delegates (who are divided into ‘city’ groups for the camp) to run their own mock governments.

Broderick said he was honored to be interviewed - and ultimately selected - for Boys State, which was held at Sacramento State.

“Having interviewed alongside many other highly qualified young men in my class left me so nervous,” he said.”Being chosen was a huge accomplishment and left me excited about participating in the program.”

Boys State gave Broderick a taste of how government works and the political environment involved.

“I learned a lot about how the election process works at all, county, and state. I also learned about the officials and their responsibilities,” he remarked.

At Boys State, Broderick’s role included playing the role of an attorney on a legal team representing a non-profit.....for which he passed a mock bar exam.

As a result of his involvement, Broderick said, he follows government and politics more closely.

“I am interested in politics now more than before,” he commented. “I have been keeping up with current events and debates on the news.”

Boys State, he said, included debates and tug of wars for power between delegates representing different political parties.

But even when debating contentious issues, he added, participants conducted themselves well.

“All delegates were expected to act and present themselves in a professional manner,” he stated. “We did just that.”

While Broderick does not see a political career in his future, he said the Boys State experience was enriching and educational.

When it came to the other delegates, Broderick said he loved being among such a diverse group of people. He said that it provided him with an opportunity to learn about various cultures while forging friendships.

The people involved in this program are always a highlight. Whether it’s the speakers, counselors, or other delegates, those who have the opportunity to attend come away inspired. Broderick said this was the case with one of the speakers in particular - a mayor who had failed at several campaign attempts before eventually succeeding.

“It goes to show that even if you fail the first time, if you don’t give up and your heart is in the right place, you can do what you never thought possible,” he shared.