GUSTINE - Graduating seniors at Gustine High gathered last Wednesday to record a few thoughts and words for posterity via videotape.

Students, while keeping social distancing in mind, filed in to the auditorium to be recorded sharing their name, plans for after graduation and and words of thanks they wished to share.

The speeches of valedictorian Mario Martinez and salutatorian Julia Travis were also recorded.

Previously, Gustine High seniors have made voice recordings which played on a loop before the graduation ceremony for class members, family and friends to hear.

Senior class advisor Barbara Azevedo said it had been decided earlier this year to shift to a video format.

“It was on our list and we owed it to our students to stick to somewhat of the original plan,” said Azevedo.

Azevedo, school administration and GHS secretary Andrea Verdin organized the sessions.

“It was something that we wanted to be special for our outgoing seniors,” Azevedo told Mattos Newspapers, “Along with our help, Mr. and Mrs. (Manuel) Bettencourt made it extra special by hanging pictures in freshman hall showcasing them from their preschool years until now.” 

Many students that showed up to this event decorated their caps - as the seniors have in recent years - and were excited when they showed up, Azevedo said.

A variety of cords and sashes were presented to students, reflecting their achievements and involvement in ASB, AVID and more.

Melody Noceti, the yearbook advisor, was also on hand to take pictures of each senior present.

“It was emotional for many. There was this feeling in the air that they didn’t want to leave it,” explained Azevedo. “We are happy and honored to be able to do this for them.”

The video will be posted through school social media sites and school website in the near coming future for all family and friends to their graduate speak.