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Residents walked through downtown Gustine in a candlelight tribute to the 9/11 fallen.

The Gustine community came out to for a memorial walk on Sept. 11 to honor those who lost their lives following the terrorist attack 20 years ago.

The somber candlelight march through downtown Gustine on Saturday drew dozens of community members wanting to honor and pay their respect to those who perished in the attacks. 

The first memorial walk was organized by Judy Quinn and was held on the tenth anniversary in 2011.

“I wondered why our town did not recognize the victims, their families or the first responders,” Quinn said in a previous interview. “I recruited 15 volunteers and we silently walked down the sidewalks of Gustine with real candles to the memorial hall and stood outside below the flag pole and prayed together.” 

Since that time participation in the memorial walk has grown. 

“We had a lot of younger people in attendance, which would have made Judy Quinn very happy to see,” said Zachary Ramos, who with his organization — Gustine Traveling Library — helped organize this year’s event when Quinn was unable to do it.

In addition to the candlelight walk, the event had speakers from the Gustine City Council and Merced County Supervisor Lloyd Pareira.

“It was really nice to see the community together to honor those we lost,” Ramos said.