GUSTINE - The city’s Highway 33/140 roundabout will feature a waterfowl-themed centerpiece, City Council members recently decided.

The center of the roundabout will feature images of ducks rising from wetland habitat, City Manager Doug Dunford explained.

An ad hoc committee met several times to consider ideas before settling on the waterfowl motif for the center of the roundabout, which will be located where the highway makes a 90-degree turn in front of Richard’s Market.

Gustine is synonymous with duck hunting, Dunford pointed out.

“We talked about putting statues up, we talked about water fountains, we talked about a clock tower and we talked about other types of wildlife,” he said. “Everything was on the table in the first meeting, and then we narrowed it down from there.”

An American flag was considered for the centerpiece, Dunford added, but the committee recommended against a flagpole because the city plans to develop a veterans memorial park nearby which will feature a flagpole.

That park will be located where the city’s corporation yard now stands.

Dunford said a centerpiece selection was required to continue the planning process.

The council also selected a color scheme for the centerpiece at its April 7 meeting.

The roundabout has been in the planning stages for several years and is about to become reality, according to the city manager.

“There have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes for a couple of years. It is almost there,” he commented. “We still anticipate going out to bid in September of October and breaking ground next January.”