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Music has been an ongoing passion for Crows Landing resident and Orestimba High graduate Jay Mejia.

CROWS LANDING - Jorge “Jay” Mejia, from the small town of Crows Landing, is a man with the passion and love for art along with the desire to give back to local area kids and adults.

Mejia, who attended local schools and graduated Orestimba High in 2009, traces his musical interest back to the age of 13, when his mentor John Escobar gave him his first job and along with a great musical influence that would nurture Mejia’s passion for playing the drums and guitar.

Escobar, an accomplished musician who passed away in 2017, also instilled in the teen the importance of doing well in school to open up doors of opportunity later in life, he recalled.

“Mr. Escobar was one of my big mentors,” said Mejia. “He would tell me if I wasn’t getting good grades and staying on top of my work I wouldn’t be able to perform at truck pulls or concerts. It really motivated me.”

Music remained a passion after high school. Mejia went on to be a part of several bands, and on YouTube released different covers of songs playing his instruments. At the moment he is in the process of creating an album. 

As he pursued his musical passion. Mejia decided to contact a cymbal company in Hollywood, California called Soultone Cymbals. After weeks of contacting them and sharing his musical talents, Mejia said, the company agreed to give him an endorsement deal which provided him with their cymbals.

“It was a really amazing thing, honestly. I just decided to contact them and they got back to me,” Mejia told Mattos Newspapers. “I also was able to come in contact with Jonathan Moffett, (a celebrity drummer who worked with Michael Jackson for many years), a person I still am able to talk to to this day.”

Mejia, an avid snare drummer and collector, was later able to work for a company in Pennsylvania which made a custom snare drum for him.

“I was able to come in contact with the owner, Sam Thurau,” mentioned Mejia, “and we were able to work together to make my own snare to my liking and taste.”

Fast forward to the present time, even though the fire still burns in him for music, Mejia hasn’t had much time for musical pursuits due to working, but here and there likes to get back to his roots and hop back on the guitar or drums.

And, he is willing to share his passion with others to encourage them to pursue their own musical dreams.

Mejia said that, as time allows, he enjoys teaching others from across the area (children and adults alike) how to play the drums and guitar.

The sessions are free. Mejia’s satisfaction comes from promoting and sharing a love of music and of giving back to his community.....just as John Escobar did for him.

“I believe it’s important now more than ever to listen to one another and help one another. Music never leaves us,” Mejia reflected.

Mejia can be contacted by email at Jmejia200944@gmail.com.