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The Al Goman Center in Gustine will be getting additional parking through funding from the City of Gustine and the Gustine Lions Club.


The Goman Center in Gustine will soon have additional parking spaces that will be paid through a partnership with the City of Gustine and the Gustine Lions Club.

The Gustine City Council voted 4-0 to move forward with the parking lot with the Lions Club paying the first $25,000 and the City funding approximately $15,000. Councilmember Jim Bonta was absent from the meeting.

Parking has long been an issue at the Center, not just for the Lions Club, but for serveral groups and organizations that meet there. The facility had only a few spaces available on concrete and parking on the lawn was discouraged.

“There’s hardly any parking at all,” said Gustine Lions Club Treasurer Joe Oliveira.

The Club had the idea of expanding the concrete pad to add a few more spaces and approached the City with the idea.

“They thought it was a great idea and decided to expand it even more,” Oliveira said.

The additional parking would be added to the north section of the Goman Center, by expanding the parking to west to line up with the west fence line. It would increase the parking area by an additional 3,000 square feet. The wrought iron fence would be moved to be in line with the north wall of the Goman Center, which would add more square footage to the covered patio area on the west side. The entire parking lot would be completely enclosed by a chain link fence with a slide gate.

The expansion could add another 20 to 30 parking spaces.

The City’s portion of the project will come from the Utility Users Tax and the Lions’ portion is funded through their yearly fundraiser, Rib-o-Rama in August.

Oliveira expects work on the project to begin within the next month.