NEWMAN - Dozens of English learners in the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District recently earned re-designation as being English proficient.

The school district recognized the achievement with formal reclassification programs at three different sites to honor elementary, middle school and high school students. Families were on hand to see their children designated, enjoy a dinner and watch a brief video during which selected students shared their personal stories of the hard work that went into earning reclassification.

“The families feel honored,” said Superintendent Randy Fillpot. “It is not an easy process.”

The 90 students reclassified this year is actually down somewhat in number from last year, when 120 students achieved that goal.

Fillpot and Kim Bettencourt, the district’s director of curriculum and instruction, said students must now meet a stricter standard on the state English Language Proficiency Assessment in order to be eligible for reclassification.

Local assessments are also taken into consideration, and parents have input as well.

Teachers complete an evaluation form and must provide their reasons for supporting reclassification or recommending against, Bettencourt noted.

While the district is focusing on reclassification, she said, it also puts practices in place to assure a student is ready for that step.

The district begins looking at students for potential reclassification as third-graders, she said, but does not formally consider them for re-designation until they are in the fourth grade.

“We are hesitant to reclassify them too quickly,” Bettencourt explained. “Our goal is to get them reclassified before they leave fifth grade. It makes the junior high’s and high school’s job so much easier.”

Reclassified students, she added, are considered to be at the same level of English proficiency as their primary English language peers.

They are still monitored for four years, according to Bettencourt.

“Just because they have been reclassified does not mean that they do not still need some support,” Bettencourt told Mattos Newspapers.

The district provided the following list of students who were re-designated.


Annalia Araiza, Pilar Avila, Ameer Kror, Hugo Baeza, Maria Martinez, Natanael Mercado, Azucena Morales, Bernardo Artea, Sofia Artea, Aaron Gallardo, Emmanuel Garabito Chavez, Christian Valencia, Izaiah Argueta, Ernesto Arreguin Gomez, Dania Ayala, Jonatan Campos Guzman, Ricardo Espinoza Leyva, Joel Gonzalez, Brianna Gonzalez Martinez, Ruben Guzman, Geily Hernandez Dominguez, Noel Madrigal Sanchez, Elizabeth Martinez, Amy Medrano Godinez, Rosario Mendoza, Ariel Negrete Araiza, Valeria Ramos Jara, Jovana Vazquez Lara, Fernando Villa

High school

Luis Aguilar, Brian Aguirre, Mario Araiza, Rocio Brambila, Nicole Caina, Elias Camacho, David Campos Guzman, Kiara Chaidez Ramirez, Daniel Chavez, Francisco Chavez, Xavier Desantiago-Varela, Julianna Diaz, Oscar Franco, Alexandra Garcia, Jose Garcia Leyva, Angela Garcia Rodriguez, Jonathon Granados Ruelas, Luis Hernandez Plata, Ramiro Herrera Pacheco, Gerardo Jauregui, Rodolfo Jimenez, Nancy Lopez, Roberto Martinez Leon, Eduardo Mercado, Mariana Moran, Eriberto Negrete, Marcos Orozco, Alondra Parra, Yesenia Reynoso Acevedo, Rebecca Rey, Marysol Sandoval, German Santillan, Cristobal Sandoval Gonzales

Middle school

Lizbeth Aguilar, Emmanuel Alcantar, Fernando Alvarado, Bibiana Antunez, Nalesly Arciniega, Zalysia Arteaga, Estrella Bazan Quintero, Luis David Bonilla, Aziel Buenrostro, Jovanna Cerna, Angela Corral, Jazmine Cortez Cortes, Natalia Cortez, Nicolas Cuevas, Angel Fernandez, Leslie Hernandez, Diego Martin, Adrian Medina, Nicolas Mendoza, Isabela Navarro Zazueta, Eddy Neri Becerril, Jormel Robinson Ocampo, Santiago Ocegueda Grahanda, Kevin Rodriguez De La Rosa, Leby Rodriguez, Ashley Saavedra Martinez, Eric Torres Chacon, Giselle Veronica