GPD patches.png

The Gustine Police Department recently released concept illusrations of its new shouldler patch design, as well as designs to be worn on special occasions.

The Gustine Police Department will soon have new patches that are a better representation of the community adorning their uniforms.

“The ones we have been wearing are very generic and we have been wearing them for 19 years,” said Gustine Police Chief Ruben Chavez. “It was time for something new.”

The new patch design uses Gustine City, which is how it is listed in the City’s charter instead of City of Gustine. The seal incorporates the rolling hills and farmland that surround Gustine and utilizes a Holstein cow, which is part of the official city logo and symbolizes the connection to dairy farms that continue in Gustine. The seal also has water fowl, which Chavez said is a nod to the many reservoirs and duck hunting clubs in the region. The City’s incorporation date of 1915 is emblazoned on the patch. Lastly the colors used were selected because “they look professional, sharp and easily stand out from the uniform,” Chavez said in presenting the patch design to the Gustine City Council on Aug. 25.

This design is more reflective of who we are as a community,” Chavez said.

The police department also plans to roll out limited edition patches at various times that will mark special celebrations in Gustine, like the festas or the Sept. 11 memorial parade. The department also will have some limited editions patches that will be worn to raise awareness for diseases like breast and prostate cancers. 

The police department has secured a sponsor to purchase 100 patches and Chavez hopes to have them on uniforms by Sept. 11.

It wasn’t until after World War II that police patches started to have designs that reflected the community rather than a generic insignia. The change was born out of the various branches of the military and was a way for different units to differentiate themselves from each other. 

“After the war, most police departments were hiring veterans as officers, and in turn these officers brought the philosophy of wearing patches to their perspective agencies,” Chavez said in his city council presentation.

Over the years, the Gustine Police Department has had eight variations of the shoulder patch.