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Work is under way on a new classroom wing being constructed at Yolo Middle School.

NEWMAN - Construction on a new classroom wing at Yolo Middle School is under way.

The new wing is scheduled to be done in early summer and open its doors to students next August, Superintendent Randy Fillpot said, providing much needed classrooms to a campus on which space is at a premium.

“Right now, every classroom is full, including a room that was never intended to be a classroom, which is located behind the stage (in the multi-use room),” Fillpot noted during a recent visit to the construction site.

The new classroom wing will include six traditional classrooms, as well as a dedicated art room with a kiln and expanded storage spaces.

One of the new classrooms may be converted to a computer lab, Fillpot said. The campus currently does not have a designated computer lab, he noted, and is using library space as an interim solution.

Fillpot said the new wing should give the middle school sufficient classroom space to accommodate its enrollment for many years to come.

The initial classroom buildings at Yolo are modular units. The new wing will be of traditional, stick-built construction.

The $3.2 million wing is being funded with proceeds of a bond re-authorization measure approved by Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District voters three years ago.

About $5 million was remaining from that measure as the district embarked on the Yolo project, Fillpot said. That was originally the estimated cost of the classroom wing, he noted.

If the middle school project does not encounter change orders which significantly increase the cost, he said, the district could have nearly $2 million in remaining bond funds.

If so, Fillpot said, the district may use that money to begin making changes planned at Orestimba. Fillpot said the money may be enough to relocate the school’s tennis courts from their current location to what is now a dirt parking area and reconfigure the existing OHS parking lot to move the entrance to Hardin Road.

That would set the stage for other projects which the district hopes to complete at Orestimba through a bond measure going to voters next fall. Those projects potentially include construction of a swimming pool where a home now stands at Hardin and Park (the district has purchased the property) and construction of new locker room facilities where the tennis courts are now located.