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Olivia Casey, a member of the Newman 4-H Club, recently won Judge’s Choice award in a brown bag challenge. 

Newman 4-H Club member Sophia Hayes organized a “Brown Bag Challenge” for Stanislaus County Favorite Foods Day as part of her leadership project.

Members from throughout the county registered to participate in the event. Each member was given a grocery bag with identical food items and asked to prepare a meal from the ingredients.

Participants were required to prepare a slide show explaining their project and demonstrating kitchen skills, food safety knowledge, preparing a balanced meal and plating the meal for evaluation.

Diego Mendoza and Olivia Casey each received a gold medal in the intermediate division. Casey was named the intermedi division winner.

Viviana Berbereia and Cailin Casey each received a gold medal in the senior division. Casey was named the senior division winner.

Olivia Casey was presented the Judges Choice Award.

Preparations are already under way for the 2022 Brown Bag Challenge. Hayes reported that she is planning three classes for the contest next year.