Newman 4-H members recently participated in the Stanislaus County 4-H Small Animal Skills Day. Primary activities for poultry were organized by Newman 4H Club member Seanie Bettencourt and primary rabbits were facilitated by Newman 4-H Club member Isabell Hayes. The county event,  which included events for poultry, dog, cavy and rabbits, was organized by Newman 4-H Club member Cailin Casey.

Several Newman 4-H members received awards.

In the feed identification contest, Daniel Gomes Jr., Isabell Hayes and Olivia Casey tied for second place, Ava Gutierrez was third, Andres Gutierrez placed fifth and David Drumonde, Noah Martins and Addison Martins tied for sixth. Other participants included Emily Drumonde, Marlayna Barcellos, Nate Lopes and Raylen Barcellos.

Hayes placed first and Casey was fifth in intermediate rabbit judging. Cailin Casey was first, Sophia Hayes was second and Gomes was third in the senior division.

Cailin Casey was first and Sophia Hayes placed second in the senior division of rabbit showmanship.

Isabell Hayes placed first in the intermediate division. Ava Gutierrez, Andres Gutierrez, Addison Martins and Noah Martins also participated in showmanship.