NEWMAN - The Newman City Council recently approved bids for street and sidewalk projects.

The grant-funded are expected to be completed this spring.

Kathryn Reyes, the city’s director of public works, said the projects involve repairs to three blocks of Main Street as well as sidewalk construction in the Yolo Street/Fig Lane area.

Main Street work

Reyes said the council accepted a bid of $104,620 from Hensley’s Paving & General Engineering to rehabilitate Main Street from Merced Street to Kern Street.

Reyes said the project will involve some street repair followed by a slurry seal coating.

“This is a pavement preservation project,” she emphasized. “By doing the slurry seal, we will extend the life of the existing roadway.”

Reyes said the city and contractor will work to minimize the impact to the public.

“We are planning on not closing Main Street,” she told Mattos Newspapers, adding that one-way traffic controls are possible. “If it has to be closed, it will be at brief intervals and possibly at night when there is not as much traffic.”

Reyes said she hopes the project is completed by the end of April.

“We want to get it done before the farmer’s market starts,” she noted. “We are working for that.”

Reyes said the city hoped to extend improvements to the blocks on either end of the project area but was unable to do so at the current time due to budget constraints.

“They are going to take more work than the slurry seal and striping,” she explained. “They are showing their age and there has not been ongoing preventative maintenance. They are beyond crack sealing. We need to overly that, so it will be a little bigger project. We hope to develop that project in the next couple of years.”

Hensley’s was the lowest of three bidders on the project. Each of the bids came in well below the engineer’s estimate of $184,861.

Sidewalk project

Council members also accepted a bid of $319,478 from Taylor Backhoe Service Inc., dba TBS Contractors, for a Yolo Street/Fig Lane sidewalk infill project. The project area includes Yolo Street from P Street to R Street and Fig Lane from Yolo to Lucille.

Reyes said the project will enhance pedestrian safety along those roadways - which is of particular concern along Yolo due to the number of students walking to and from school.

The Taylor bid was the lowest of seven received on the project. The engineer’s estimate of the project cost was $439,315.

“The bids were good,” Reyes said of the projects. “The interesting thing in this day and age is that we are seeing fluctuations. They can come in under the estimates or over. It is all over the place. A lot depends on how the contractors sharpen their pencils. I was pretty happy with the totals on both of those projects.”