Jennifer Thornton was recently installed as the Newman postmaster.

NEWMAN - A new postmaster was formally sworn in Nov. 21 to oversee the Newman branch of the postal service and its Crows Landing sub-station.

Jennifer Thornton, who started in Newman on a temporary basis in June, formally assumed postmaster responsibilities when she was sworn in by Neil Gonzalez, manager of post office operations in Sacramento.

Thornton’s family, staff and a host of postmasters from around the region were on hand for the occasion.

Thornton started with the postal service just six years ago as a rural carrier assistant based in Oakdale. She became a clerk, and was then promoted to supervisor in Oakdale before moving over to Newman.

“I fell in love with the post office. When a position came open for a clerk, I knew I could go further. I was then able to learn the management side of it and loved it,” Thornton shared. “I took off running and haven’t stopped.”

In Newman, the post office serves approximately 3,800 residential customers and 300 commercial customers. Thornton said that she oversees a total of 16 employees between the Newman and Crows Landing locations.

“I love to help people,” she reflected. “I like to be part of the community and make a difference.”

Thornton said she enjoys playing a problem-solving role, and emphasizes the importance of excellent customer service.

The postal service, she added, plays an important role in the community and is depended upon by its customers.

“It is important to know that the communication is there, and that the (community) relationship with the post office is good,” the new postmaster concluded. “People rely on us. Our job is to make sure that the customer is happy. We do our best to make (that) possible.”