Orestimba High School has implemented a new elective this school year called Broadcast Journalism.    In this class we are tasked to film around our campus and interview people on a wide variety of topics. We are also the ones who edit and reviews the video before it is published on our school YouTube channel (Orestimba Warrior Network).

We call these videos packages because we brainstorm our ideas in the beginning of the week and throughout it we get our interviews completed. Some recordings may not make it into the final product due to various reasons but most of the time an idea will make it into the package. Three other students, Atzin Marin, Paola Gutierrez, Abraham Gutierrez and I are in charge of recording, hosting and editing the senior announcements to go in our video package. We get our information from reliable sources on campus, such as Ms. Chance, Mr. Reeves and Mrs. Blankenship.

The video package just doesn’t include announcements. There are many segments to our package and it differs every week we record. On Nov. 1 we released our most recent video package, in which we went over senior announcements, community service opportunities, recaps from Halloween, homecoming and Red Ribbon Week, and a brief explanation our rivalry history with Gustine.

This elective is very helpful for students who want to get into journalism industry. Our video packages are released every two weeks so stay tuned!