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How many thoughts would you say are floating around inside of your head at any given moment of the day? Do you ever feel overwhelmed that so many thoughts of such varying nature are just spinning around your brain? Help to create some peace inside your precious mind and enjoy your days to the fullest.

Creating such peacefulness might look different each time you do it. Why? The reason is because sometimes we might be able to write something down at home on a main list. Other times you might be out of your home, driving, shopping or at work. Maybe you have a pencil and paper or maybe just your phone. Maybe it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night. Despite where you are in your day, here are some steps to organize your thoughts.

Step 1: Download your thoughts

If you have access to write your thoughts down wherever you are, whether on paper or electronically, then go for it. Just unload everything. Yep, literally just jot down any thought that pops into your brain, including thoughts that really require no action at all. Sometimes just acknowledging a thought will allow ourselves the pass the thought on and free up mind space.

Step 2: Categorize your thoughts

Take a minute and group alike items to make some sort of sense out of your downloaded list. You may create categories such as: need to buy, to do today, need to do next week, want to purchase, decorating ideas, need to pay, need to schedule, dinner prep, etc…..there is no wrong way to make categories. If you do not have time to make categories right now, just move on to the next step.

Step 3: Thoughts secured

Now that we have our thoughts organized, we need to decide how to get these lists into our lives. Is the location of the list you just made satisfactory? Great. If not, you can take a photo of the list and email or text yourself. Or you can simply set a reminder on your phone for a later time that you will be available to manage this list. Maybe when you get home later today you can redistribute the different categories to an existing list, create a new list or record items onto your calendar. Maybe you do those all.

Step 4: Breathe

You have created some calm without losing any items that were floating around. You now have these thoughts in writing and you have placed them in an appropriate place in time to handle them. Consider this a success, take a deep breath and enjoy your clear mind.

Best, Jhoneé

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