Photo: GPD Seminar, Training

Several experts in the field of police-community relations and gang interventions conducted a seminar for Gustine police recently. The seminar addressed issues such as civility, building stronger ties with the community and treating others with respect and professionalism. The goal, Police Chief Ruben Chavez reported, was developing skills to balance the department’s role as protectors while ensuring that all people are treated fairly and with civility. Prior to the seminar, officers took part in crowd control training with newly-purchased tactical equipment. Chavez said several Gustine officers responded to assist San Francisco police earlier in the summer when rioting followed the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. The officers were assigned in a support role to protect buildings, Chavez said, but lacked the proper training and equipment - a situation which he promised to remedy. Two retired officers were brought in to conduct the tactical training. From left are police officers Kevin Roseen, Alejandra Perez and Mike Erickson, Dr. Clyde Rivers, retired officer Jaime Saldivar, Chavez, Dr. Linda Lara, Dr. Sonny Lara, community service officer Vicki Staten, reserve officer Greg Gilstrap, reserve officer Eddie Gonzales, reserve officer Jeremy Crabb, officer Corey Bayer, Lt. Sam Joseph and retired officer Tom Tiphayachan.