50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index AUG. 19, 1971

Bicycle boom hits Newman

Like the rest of California, Newman residents have been bitten by a bug – bicycle riding.

Whether it be because of ecology, exercise, or just plain fun, many people are taking to the pedals these days.

For many years, bicycle riding was restricted to those under 14, college students at spread out campuses and a few sport biking enthusiasts. But, last year, adults began switching to bicycles for a number of reasons. Many men and  women took up bike riding as a form of exercise. Many diet clubs and programs recommend bicycling as a form of exercise to help loose inches and people found that it worked. 

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The GUSTINE STANDARD AUG. 19. 1971

Several districts seek candidates

Legal notices published in last week’s Standard and in this week’s issue advise of the pending election for directors and other office holders in six water districts, the Gustine- Romero Soil Conservation District, and Gustine Drainage District. 

Water Districts include Romero Water District, Mustang Water District, Lansdale Water District, Quinto Water District, Centinella Water District, and Santa Nella County Water District. 

In the Gustine Drainage District, two directors are to be elected. Terms expire this year for John V. Azevedo, Division 2; and Manuel K. Lopes, Division 3. Terms are for four years.