50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index • AUG. 26, 1971

Deunification hearing tonight at OHS

Tonight citizens the Newman-Gustine Joint Unified School District will have chance to get answers to their questions about deunification.

There will be a public hearing in the orestimba High School multi-purpose room beginning at 8 p.m concerning deunification.

Officials from the State Department of Education, the Merced County Schools Office, The Newman-Gustine Joint Unified School District Organization will be on hand to answer question concerning deunification. 

Country store added to band flea market 

A country store booth has been added to the plans for tree Warrior Band Boosters’ Flea Market on September 18.

The booth will feature farm items and homemade goodies. All donations for the booth are welcome.

Another feature that has been added to the event is the flea market band. The band, under the leadership of Gerry Babb, will perform on September 18 at the Flea Market and downtown.

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The GUSTINE STANDARD • AUG. 5, 1971

3 hour school board meeting informative 

Monday night’s school board meeting we fairly long and drawn out— it wasn’t adjourned until 11 pm— but it was informative and decisive.

On one hand the student members of the board heard Trustee Edward Mutoza say, “Control passes at your athletic and other events where there is an admission, and you have a potential of $5,600 from 32 activities for your treasury.”

This statement really sounded the audience for no one had given much thought to the many free passes that are passed out by the student body. 

Future highway roles explained at hearing 

Highway 33 and 207 were supported as State Highways by both Merced County and the City of Gustine and other cities in the count. Also giving support that these two highways remain in the State Highway System were Mrs. Katherine Levine, president of the Gustine Chamber of Commerce, and Dwight Dutcher, a chamber director who is chairman of the Chamber’s Highway Committee.