50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index, October 16, 1969

New Tax Proposal? Study Set

The announced airing of defeat of the 79-cent tax increase proposal and the effects it will have on the financial condition of the district brought out some 120 people for Monday night’s meeting of the Newman-Gustine Joint Unified School District board of trustees. In a gathering moved to the multi-purpose room at Orestimba High School due to large crowd it was decided to attempt the formation of another advisory committee to consider taking a tax proposal back to the voters as soon as possible.  Dr. L. S. McBride and Mrs. James T. Crow of Crows Landing were asked to head a group of about 50 residents, teachers and trustees. 

City Hall bids turned down; fourth try for lower price 

The city has renewed its determination to hammer down building costs.

A fourth attempt to gain a “ better price” on remodeling of the City Hall offices and enlargement of the Justice Court facilities will be made by the City Council after formally rejecting their most recent bid on Tuesday night. 

Brouwer Bros., general contractor of Modesto, had offered to do the job for $15,423.00 on September 23rd after having bid $14,792.00 earlier this year, but the matter was tabled until this week. The first call for bids brought no offers. On both of these occasions, the Council expressed disappointment in the amount of the bids and had said they were hopeful of getting an offer more near $12,000, which had been budgeted for the work.

Unwelcome Rain Hits West Side Crop Lands 

Unfortunately, the weather bureau did not err in its prediction.

Unwelcome rain began to fall about midnight Tuesday and light showers continued yesterday. While the official gauge reading is not taken until 5 p.m., too late to be reported in this issue of The Index, private gauge readings ranged from .25 of an inch up to .35 at noon. 

Though several Fall crops have been harvested or partly so, the showers fell on alfalfa hay, beans, bell peppers, walnuts, some late tomatoes and a few other crops. 

50 Years Ago From the Archives of  The Gustine Standard, October 16, 1969

Plenty of Birds Predicted For Area Duck Hunters

California’s 1969-70 waterfowl seasons, which could be the best in recent years, opens Saturday, the Department of Fish and Game reports. The September waterfowl inventory by the DFG and the U.S. Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife showed 910,000 ducks in the Central Valley, the highest number since 1960 and 17 percent above last year. The San Joaquin Valley held the bulk of the birds - 512,095 - because of abundant water from the floods of last winter and spring.

Stout Red Defenders Battle Escalon to Tie

Gustine’s Redskins had their finest hour under the bright lights of Escalon’s football field last Friday, playing the vaunted Cougars to a 6-6 standoff. The name of the game was Spinelli and Souza and DeSilva and McGuire and all the other guys in the defensive unit who fought off the driving Cougars for the entire first half deep in Gustine territory.

School fiscal problems to undergo new study 

Trustees of the Newman Gustine Joint Unified School District will probably call for another tax election soon-- but not without involving representatives of nearly everybody in discussions as to when and for how much money. A move by Ted Peters to call for a tax election—no advance amount specified - died for lack of a second, as trustees recalled criticism leveled at them for asking a group of citizens to support their proposition in the last election after all details of the proposition had already been settled. This time, Trustee Bob Griffiths of Newman made it clear that he would support a move to “consider” a new tax election if such consideration involved a citizens’ committee and the Newman Gustine Teachers Association, and any other group that might like to be heard before a decision on when and how much were reached.