50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index • July 30, 1970

Playground, food discussed by board 

In probably the shortest school board meeting in quite some time the Newman-Gustine Joint Unified School District board of Trustees took care of business in little over a half hour Monday evening. The agenda was kept to a minimum so that board members could attend the de-unification meeting in Merced.

On a motion by Mel Cardoza, it was decided to reseal the Romero School playground. The money for the project will come out of funds received from the sale of the old Romero School.

Superintendent John Duncan announced that the district cafeteria had made a profit during the last school year. Duncan said the surplus from this year would be used to pay for cafeteria employees’ salary increases next year. Cardoza said he thought the cafeteria should make less of a profit and serve better meals. He said he had had complaints from students about the food. Other board members said that they had not received any complaints.

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The Gustine Standard • July 30, 1970

Bureau to start work on Kesterson job soon

Work on the Kesterson Reservoir will start near here in about 60 days, according to Larry Fine, chief of construction for the Bureau of Reclamation in Los Banos.

The job will be done by Bureau employees who are presently working in this area, along with some who will be transferred here from other locations. 

The reservoir will consist of abut 12 “ holding ponds” covering about 1300 acres. They will have six foot dikes around their perimeters. The ponds will be used for evaporation of the waste waters transported to the reservoir via the San Luis Drain.