50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index • DECEMBER 24, 1970

Telephone converter could serve in interim for police calls at night 

Newman’s quest for 24-hour answering service, particularly to serve residents wanting to contact the Police Department after closing time, continues as directors of the Chamber of Commerce Monday night were told of a “call converter” that would put the caller in direct contact with an answering point.

Efforts have been underway for several years to develop a practical answering service for the community. The matter was one of the prime suggestions coming from the community Congress. 

The City Council has had under study such plans as new radio systems and person or persons  employed to relay information to police and other agencies. So far, however, discussion has found plans either too costly or impractical in current thinking.  

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The GUSTINE STANDARD • DECEMBER 24, 1970

City may seek court to decide annexation 

It appears that unless the Merced County Counsel has a change of heart, or mind, the City of Gustine will go to court to seek a decision on the annexation of recently purchased land adjacent to the Gustine Municipal Airport.  Russell Cook, Merced County Counsel, has stated that in is opinion the city of Gustine cannot legally annex the approximately 46 acres.

Cook cites a section of the Government Code which he claims prevents the annexation as the city has already annexed more than 100 acres of non-contiguous land. City Attorney George Murry reported that in his opinion the section that Cook refers to has no precedent, and that in the opinion of the majority of county counsels in the state pertains to annexations of more than 100 acres at one time.