50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index, March 26, 1970

County declares halt to refuse burning next year

The city has been advised that the Stanislaus County Air Pollution Control District regulations will prohibit refuse burning within the year, meaning that on January 20, 1971 burning at the city dump will be outlawed.  Included in the accoutrement read to the City Council on Tuesday night was the suggestion that a land-ill disposal site for the West Side cities was appropriate.  This suggestion raised some question in the minds of the council members who asked that a letter be directed to the county asking what, if any, plans are under study by them in providing such an operation for the West Side rural. 

Orestimba classes rotate next year in pilot program

Trustees have approved what was described as a unique and much-improved schedule of classes for Orestimba High School students next year. Principal James Coming presented a visual description of the rotating schedule plan that was developed with the aid of a faculty committee to the Newman-Gustine Joine Unified school board on Monday night and it was approved for the 1970-71 school year with a progress report to be made in January 1971.

The rotating schedule would provide for six periods a day, however, subject offering to the students would still be seven classes. As each class moves up one period in the day, on each sixth day the seven classes will be covered in the rotation.

Lloyd’s Newman Super Market 

Pork Chops.....98 cents/lb.

Ground Beef ....2 lbs. for 89 cents

Pineapple....5 for $1

Folger’s Coffee......3 lb. Can for $2.19

Flour.....5 lb. bag for 59 cents 

Round Steak....98 cents/lb. 

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, March 26, 1970

Legal probe favors school de-unification

Attorneys for the Citizens for De-unification recommended this week that, in their opinion, a persuasive case can be made in favor of dissolution, and there is a reasonable possibility that the Newman-Gustine Joint School District can be dissolved pursuant to Sections 3381-89 of the Education Code. This opinion, a result of a lengthy probe by the legal firm of Long and Levit of San Franscico, bolstered the citizens group officials, and gave encouragement for the circulation of petitions to request the County Committee for School District Reorganization for study and recommendation. 

Busing becomes first tight budget casualty

Transportation policies of the Newman Gustine Joint Unified School District were considered by the trustees Monday night which would save the district about $8,000 per year.

Transportation is one of a number of places where cut are being made in an attempt to operate the school district on an “austerity” budget, one which contemplates the expenditure of no more money than the district has coming in. The proposed curtailment in student transportation would reduce the total miles per day of bus travel from 980, the current approximate average, to 810 miles per day, the number of miles on which the school district’s basic contract with Patchett’s Bus and Transportation Company is based. 

19th national census to begin here Wednesday 

Every 10 years Americans take a good look at themselves to reinforce the platform of facts on which to base plans for the future course of the nation. The occasion is the census of population and housing conducted once each decade as required by the Construction. The 19th in a series stretching back without interruption to 1790 will taken on April 1. Responsible for the census is the Bureau of the Census, U.S. Department of Commerce. The count will be conducted from 395 temporary  Bureau district offices throughout the United States, each of which will cover an area containing approximately 500,000 persons. District offices began opening on January 19, with the entire group scheduled to be in operation by February 9.