50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index, August 21, 1969

Gas wastes Discussed in public zone hearing 

Assurances that poisonous “Phosgene gas” in no way plays a part in the manufacture of plastics by the Universal Pipe and Plastics Corp. cleared the air of a speaker’s concern Tuesday night at the City Council’s public hearing on rezoning and also brought attention to a possible “clerical” error in the city’s published description of property to be rezoned on area selected for the site of the new plastics plant. W.R. Sherman, who owns property near the proposed plant, expressed his alarm and concern after reading in daily newspapers of the use of deadly phosgene gas in the manufacture of plastics, especially since his health had been impaired in later life by contact with the toxic agent during World War I. Brad Corbett, president of the soon to be established manufacturing firm, quickly assured Sherman that absolutely no toxic substances are used in manufacturing the company’s products. 

Council retains current tax rate 

In a year when many cities throughout the state are raising tax rates sharply, the Newman City Council has acted to rebuff this trend. They voted at their Tuesday meeting to retain their current rate of $1.90 for $100 of assessed valuation which they generally termed as adequate for the coming year. The motion to retain the current rate into the new year was made by councilman Ed Hansen and came after the council has approved a proposed $214,308 budget for the new fiscal year. The motion passed unanimously. 

Local Market Prices

Pork Steaks, 69 cents lb. 

Picnic Ham, 3 lb. Can $2.49

Top Sirloin steak, $1.59 lb. 

Frankfurters, 69 cents lb. 

Lamb Chops, 79 cents lb.

Butter, 1 lb. Cubed 83 cents

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, August 21, 1969

Building permit valuation continues to climb here 

Local building valuation continued to climb during July with $9,476.00 in building permits being issued by the City Clerk’s office. This brought the total so far this year to $181,331.00 in local building construction and repairs.  This year’s figure is well behind the 1968 mark at this time which was $489,600.00. Included in that figure however was the Borden plant addition which alone was over $300,000.00.  July’s building permit report did not list any new dwellings or other buildings. The $9,476.00 was entirely for additions to homes or other improvements and repairs. 

Law is strict on buying ammunition 

It has nothing to do with individuals, implies no doubt as to the veracity of any minor sent by his parent for ammunition - it’s just the new law, Woods Liquor Store proprietor Bill Woods points out, and no shotgun shells nor rifle ammunition will be sold to anyone under 18. Further, no ammunition for handguns (sidearms) will be sold to any customer under 21. Notes from parents will do no good; the law is explicit, and provides for fines of “no more than $5000” and imprisonment for “not more than 5 years” or both. The law was published in the Federal Register of Dec. 14, 1968, and copies of it are supplied to places of business which deal in guns and ammunition. 

Discussion sets stage to solve uniform purchase 

It was a night of “discussions” for the Gustine City Council Monday, as minute actions were only those necessity, such as approval of bills, minutes of the previous meeting, and adoption of a resolution granting the mayor authority to sign an easement. The matter of uniforms for the Gustine City Band was again on the agenda, but this time there was a representative from the Chamber of Commerce on hand to ask questions as well as to answer some. Also present was Bob Williams who represented the musical unit that carries the name, “Gustine City Band.” It was again pointed out by council that it was their policy to allocate funds to the Chamber for advertising purposes. City Attorney George Murry said that five percent of the gross income of the city can be used for the city advertising and promotional matters under existing law. However, in several instances such matters are note routed through the chamber. These are the waiving of permit fees for the various celebrations, membership in authorized associations, such as the Highway 33 Association, and so forth.