50 Years Ago: From the Archives of The West Side Index, June 26, 1969

Pool Open to Lady Swimmers on Monday

Women throughout the community are invited to take apart in the women’s swimming program sponsored weekly by the Newman Recreation Department. 

Harold Canter, City Recreation Director, said he hopes more women will take advantage of this opportunity, which is open to only women. He pointed out that an additional advantage of the program, which is held each Monday from 1 to 3 p.m. is that free babysitting service is provided for housewives who might not be able to participate otherwise.  

The women’s swimming period was moved to Mondays from Tuesdays by Canter recently in an effort to get more to participate and to coincide with the Red Cross swimming lessons which start on June 30 and will be held regularly from that point on.  

Amy Drive to Bid

The rebuilding of Amy Drive, the first major street project of the summer season, was the leading subject of a number of decisions made by the Newman City Council Tuesday night.

City Engineer Oliver Deatsch submitted to the Council for their approval, plans for repairing and resurfacing the street, which has been plagued with drainage problems and has been a source of irritation and inconvenience for residents particularly in the winter months.

It is estimated that the cost of Amy Drive which circles an area beginning and ending on Driskell Avenue in the East Manor subdivision, will cost approximately $10,000.

50 Years Ago: From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, June 26, 1969

Gustine Unit Helps Fight Mountain Fire

A bush fire on the Gill Ranch twenty air miles west of Gustine burned for about 25 hours last weekend before being brought under control by Division of Forestry units, including Bill Richards , Mike Hargett and Daniel Joseph of Gustine.

The fire, which burned grass, bushes, pines and live oaks in steep terrain started at 11 a.m. Saturday and was brought under control at noon on Sunday. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

Equipment used to fight the fire included a spotter airplane, three drop airplanes, two bulldozers, eight fire trucks and six hand crews.

Gustine Trustees Oppose Election 

Three Gustine Trustees of the Newman-Gustine Joint School District indicated at a studying meeting of the school board earlier this week that they are not in favor of calling a tax increase election this fall.

Ted Peters and Bob Maffei, Trustees-elect who will be sworn in the next month, and Frank Rico all indicated in an informational poll conducted by the board chairman Edwin Tyler of Crows Landing that they would vote against presenting the tax increase question to the voters in October, the month tentatively set aside for a tax override election by new superintendent John Duncan and the incumbent board.

All appeared to agree that under the present finance setup in California, a tax increase is necessary to balance the district budget and continue a program of education equal to the present one, but they felt more time is necessary for ground work to make the election successful.