50 Years Ago

From the Archives of The West Side Index, April 17, 1969

Superintendent Resigns, Bleak Financial Forecast

Kenneth Curnow has resigned his post of Assistant Superintendent of Newman-Gustine Joint Unified School District to be effective at the end of the school year.

Curnow who served the district as curriculum director and assistant superintendent since unification and moved up to interim superintendent early last September when John B. Landis resigned to become superintendent of Pittsburg Unified School District.

John Duncan, who will become district superintendent on July 1, painted a bleak picture to board members upon presenting preliminary budget figures. Possible alternative actions by the board relating to the preliminary budget were outlined by Duncan, thus:

Direct the administration to adjust the educational program to correspond to the reduced income by whatever means necessary. He said: This will necessitate drastic alterations in the present program: this could be done by closing certain schools and causing a consolidation of others; this could be accomplished by drastically reducing many programs and by raising class size well above comparable districts. This, he said, would not solve the future problems and it would not solve the staff procurement problems unless it were at the expense of the educational program. 

Duncan said: “It will be my purpose to encourage complete discussion of these alternatives and present a recommendation to you as part of the formal presentation.”

Playing at the West Side Theatre:

Frank Sinatra in “Lady in Cement”

George C. Scott in “The Flim Flam Man”

All Spanish Show each Tuesday Eve. 7 p.m.

Portuguese Show April 28

50 Years Ago

From the archives of The Gustine Standard, April 17, 1969

 Maffei, Peters Win Seats

Bob Maffei and Ted Peters of Gustine won seats on the Newman-Gustine Joint Unified School board in Tuesday election. The voters also returned Edwin Tyler of Crows Landing, and elected Melvin Cardoza, a write in candidate, to succeed Mathew Fantazi as Romero trustee. Fantazia did not seek re-election. All terms are for four years. 

The voters also approved a measure to create a new trustee area. It won 3 to 1. As two holdover members of the board live in the former Newman Elementary School District (Albert Lerno and Robert Griffith), and Frank Rico lives in the Gustine Rural area, it will become effective this July 1. The new alignment assures the City of Gustine two seats, the Gustine rural area one seat, the former Newman Elementary School District, which includes the city and rural area of Newman, two seats. 

Private Building Value Shows Steady Climb

Although there were only two building permits issued during March, it was a better month than February, and of course with the improved weather this month indications are that private building in the city will continue to be on the upswing. The two permits issued by the City Clerk’s office totaled $3,525.

Peace Corp Tests This Saturday

Gustine area residents interested in putting their skills to use in developing nations around the world are invited to take the Peace Corps Placement Test at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 19.

The Peace Corps uses the Placement Test to determine how an applicant can best be utilized overseas. The test measures general aptitude and the ability to learn a language, not education or achievement.

Fifteen thousand volunteers are currently serving in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands, working with the people of those nations in self-help projects ranging from food production to health to education. More volunteers are needed for programs which will begin this spring and summer. 

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