50 Years Ago: From the Archives of The West Side Index, July 3, 1969

Newman Plant Shipping Tomatoes to U.S. Cities 

Situated at the corner of N and Fresno streets in Newman is a plant that is not only the sole west coast plant for a nation wide company, but is also the supplier of fresh produce for thousands of people in the major cities throughout the United States and Canada. The plant is the huge Di Mare Brothers packing, shipping and growing operation which operates through the summer and fall months processing tomatoes and peppers. 

The Di Mare Bros. Newman Plant is operated by Tom and Jim Di Mare and is one of six such plants scattered throughout Florida, Virginia, and South Carolina. Currently the plant is packing tomatoes for shipment to such far away cities as Detroit, Michigan and Montreal in Canada. Later this fall the plant will also start packing peppers. 

According to Jim Di Mare who came to the Newman plant from one of the Florida operations, a larger amount of the produce packed here used to be grown in the Newman area.  The growing project did not prove successful however so now most of the produce is brought in from the Los Banos area. The vegetables packed in the fall are grown in the Gustine and Patterson areas.

Hospital Rates will Increase

A vote of the West Side Community Hospital’s Board of Directors this week lowered the tax rate and raised room rates. 

The new private room rates will increase from $38.00 to $41.00 while semi-private room rates will increase $5.00 from $33.00 to $38.00.

The Board of Directors explained that, as a District Hospital, the room rates and other charges have to be comparable to other district and voluntary hospitals in the area. 

New X-ray unites give Hospital Increased Efficiency, Safety

“You can’t beat progress” That statement by West Side Community Hospital laboratory technician Sobotka sums up the expression of pride and security felt by hospital officials in their all-new, $12,000 x-ray unit. The machine was recently purchased from hospital funds to update and improve the West Side’s x-ray services to the community. 

The new machine is completely automatic and provide the latest in safety features. According to Sobotka , who operates the machines, the new equipment’s most noticeable safety feature is that it takes the exposure in 1/60 of a second, compared to the old equipment’s 1/20 of a second exposure. This decrease time of exposure to the x-ray considerably decreases the radiation danger to the patient.” 

50 Years Ago: From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, July 3, 1969

West Side Hospital Board Reduces Tax Assessment 

In a time when the only direction taxes go is up, the West Side Community Hospital District directors have announced a 10-cent reduction in the district tax assessment!

In the June meeting of the hospital board, the directors decided that a 10-cent assessment should be enough to cover contingencies and operational losses for the fiscal year which began Tuesday, and they halved the existing 20-cent rate. Hospital administrator Grayce Husman noted that the district is one of the few in the state reducing taxes in a year of rising costs.  

At the same time, the board also granted salary increases to 45 full and part time employees. The increase range from 7 to 10 percent with the employees at the lower end of the salary scale receiving the higher percentage increases. 

Chamber Director Seek Bus Station Operator 

Is anyone in the Gustine area interested in the community enough to accept the responsibility of being the agent for the Greyhound bus here?  

That is the prime question that is being faced now by the directors of the Gustine Chamber of Commerce who desire to obtain a station-type facility here where tickets and information as well as parcel shipments could be handled. 

For several years now the bus service has been without a station here, and more recently, former stations in Newman and Paterson have closed.

Water Carnival Promises Fun

A new feature of the Gustine’s annual Fourth of July Celebration tomorrow will be the Water Festival, dreamed up by Recreation Director Chuck Hoag and open to only Gustine youngsters. 

The festival, scheduled for 1 p.m. in the city park pool, will feature standard swimming and diving competition plus a number of novelty events, all sponsored by local merchants.