50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index, August 14, 1969

Hearing on Zone for New industry 

A Public hearing on rezoning of a parcel of land at the north city limits requested by the Universal Pipe and Plastic Corp. will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday night before the City Council.

The scheduled hearing is a further step necessary to rezone the former Newman Super Market property from C-N zone to M (manufacturing) which the City Planning Commission has already approved after they determined that the change would make the parcel compatible with the majority of the surrounding property. 

Merced Street Work Schedule to Begin

In few short weeks residents in the Merced Street area can expect to be rid of the cracks and drainage problems that have plagued their area for so long. This came about when the contract for the project was awarded by the Newman City Council at their meeting Thursday night. There was a total of three bids on the project, but the lowest was a figure of $43,318 by the H. Skyes Company of Patterson. City Engineer Oliver Deatsch, said he was pleased with the bids and that he had earlier anticipated the cost to be slightly higher. He also stated that the project may call for some additional work items that might add up to some additional cost. 

Councilmen Barred from City Offices at Night 

For the time being anyway, the “key” issue for the Newman City Council has been settled. 

Councilmen will retain their keys to city offices but with one reservation - if they are to look at any of the city files they must do it during working hours.

This was the course of action that started after Mayor Hurd Barrington opened the Tuesday night meeting with a motion to rescind the action taken by the council last week to give each city councilman a key to the offices. That led to some very lengthy discussion and a vote that defeated the mayor’s motion.

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, August 14, 1969

Street Work Progressing on Schedule 

Five Gustine streets will take on a new look-- and a new feel when concrete work already finished on Martino Alley and South Avenue cures and can support the weight of heavy paving equipment.

Portions of South Avenue (opposite the Carnation plant), Fifth Avenue (between Highway 33 and Avoset plant), North Avenue (between West Avenue and Fifth Street), West Avenue (between Lucerne and North Avenue) and Martino’s Alley will all be paved, one after the other, City Manager Edwin Petersen said, when the equipment can move in without danger of damaging work already done. 

Gustine’s Pat Hanifin Has Role in Apollo’s Success

Patrick J. Hanifin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hanifin, Gustine, played a key role in the design and development of “Columbia,” that remarkable Apollo spacecraft which carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin safely to the moon and back.

Pat Hanifin is currently manager of structural and mechanical design for the Apollo Spacecraft Command and Service Modules (CSM) at North American Rockwell Corporation’s Space Division, Downey, Calif.

Hanifin is responsible for the design and qualification of the Apollo CSM primary and secondary structure, heat shield, docking system, earth landing system, crew equipment, crew couches, ordnance systems, launch escape system, hatches and uprighting systems.

District School Open Sept. 2 

New students may be registered any time at the Gustine Elementary School, Principle Ken Almeida said earlier this week, and sooner the better! 

Almeida  said that registrations should be completed as soon as possible so his office can complete class lists for the opening day of school Sept. 2. 

Class lists for grades 4 through 8 will be posted at several spots around the school, he said, so students will be able to see where to report for their first classes.