50 Years Ago

From the Archives of The West Side Index, June 12, 1969

City Plan Rebuilding Of Amy Drive Surface

The City Council launched its first major street project of the summer season by calling for plans and specifications from City Engineer Oliver Deatsch for the rebuilding of Amy Drive in the East Manor subdivision.

The street which circles within the area beginning and ending on Driskell Avenue has caused considerable inconvenience to residents and consternation to the city street crew particularly during the winter months. The drainage has been unsatisfactory and the rebuilding of the street will correct this.

In taking the action on Tuesday night it was agreed that the some 800 tons of the present surfacing that will be removed to make way for the new pavement will be trucked to the city dump grounds where fill material is needed to correct drainage problems there.

It was estimated that the street project will cost in the neighborhood of $10,000 with about $8,000 of this amount available in city gas tax allotments.

Beverage Fees For Newman

The City of Newman has received $1,900 as its six-month share of the special fees paid by holders of alcoholic beverage licenses.

The payment was made by the State’s Department of Alcoholic  Beverage Control which allocates 90% of all license fee money back to individual cities and counties where it is used to offset the costs of police and fire protection, schools, highways, hospitals and other government services. The remaining 10% goes into the state’s general fund where it is used for similar purposes.

The most recent payment was for the six-month period ending Feb. 28, 1969. Stanislaus County as a whole, including the unincorporated area, received $68,665 for the period.

Father’s Day Gift Suggestions from Newman Hardware Co.


Tool Boxes… $7.99

Barbecue Sets…$3.49

50 Years Ago

From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, June 12, 1969

Superintendent of Schools Asks For Tax Election

Trustees of the Newman Gustine Joint Unified School District are considering a proposal by Superintendent John W. Duncan to place before the district’s voters a request for a 79 cent tax override in October.

The suggested override tax would be in addition to a total of $3.17 paid for school support at present, and, according to Dunca’s computations, would solve a number of pressing problems in the district.

Increasing the school district’s income by $316,900 per year, it would eliminate the deficit financing which has characterized school expenditures for the last several years. This year, for example, in order to maintain what school officials say is essentially the same instructional program as last year, the district’s expenditures will exceed its income by nearly $100,000.

Ed Williams Is Orestimba V.P.

Ed Williams, biology teacher at Gustine High School for six years, has been appointed vice principal at Newman’s Orestimba High School.

Williams, affectionately referred to as “E.P.” by his students has long been one of the most popular teachers at Gustine High, although his students concede that he has also been one of their most demanding instructors.

As vice principal at Orestimba, he will share administrative duties with Principal James Coming and counseling duties with Mrs. Amelia Hunt. He will report for work in Newman August 1.

His replacement at Gustine High has not yet been selected.