50 Years Ago From the Archives of The West Side Index, July 31, 1969

Weed control, DMV action Draw Chamber criticism 

Two major problems of local concern were tackled by directors of the Newman Chamber of Commerce on Monday night-- one dealing with the weed control problem on certain vacant lots and the other highly unpopular move by the Department of Motor Vehicles that discontinued the previous convenience of making appointments for license renewals. On both matters the directors voiced strong concern in their discussions and called for immediate action.

The weed control problem has been faced by the city each year and it was the consensus of the chamber directors that the City Council should immediately take steps to enforce the removal of weeds from business and residential areas at once. In determining the need for this action, the directors were unanimous in the feeling that the Highway 33 route through the city was “disgraceful” and presented a very poor view to the traveler. The hazard from fire was obvious they aid, and made the need for immediate action necessary.

Fork lift burns at Copeland

A fuel line leak on a mobile fork lift being used to unload a shipment of lumber was blamed for a fire that could have proved disastrous at the Copeland Lumber Yard shortly before noon on Saturday. Tony Salles was operating the equipment when it burst into flames, it was reported, forcing him to jump clear of the unit that then rolled into a nearby stacked of milled lumber. Salles and Manager J.T Silveira sprayed water on the burning vehicle and attempted to smother the flames by breaking bags of cement over it. The Newman Volunteer Fire Department was quickly on the scene and extinguished the flames with foam. Silveira estimated damage to the vehicle at more than $500. 

Long wait seen for drivers’ licenses

Residents can no longer enjoy the convenience of making appointments for driver’s licenses or renewals. At least, this will be the case, unless new directives are forth coming from the Department of Motor Vehicles which stopped accepting appointments as handled through the Newman Police Department for the past several years. The move started last week, has caused considerable unpleasant reaction from Newman city officials who expressed themselves unalterably opposed to the discontinued serviced and more and more residents are finding it hard to believe that there can be any reasonable basis for stopping the appointment service.   

50 Years Ago From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, July 31, 1969

School budget public hearing Monday night 

A public hearing on the proposed school budget for 1969-70 has been set for Monday night at 7:30 p.m. By the Newman Gustine Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees.

The budget, for $2,006,640 exceeds last year’s budget by about $150,000, although the educational program provided for is essentially that same as that provided last year, according  to Supt. John Duncan.

Tax assessments here up $180,370 this year 

Tax assessments in Gustine are up this year $180,370 over 1968 figures.The assessments figures were made public this by County Assessor David Hudgins.

In Gustine there was a decrease in land assessments of $3,120 to bring this year’s figure to $854,150.

Improvements showed a gain of $324,410 over last year for a total of $3,914,060. Personal property dropped $165,160 for a sum of $675,420 this year. 

On sale at Martino’s Market:

Linguica……89 cents per pound

Coffee………..$1.29 for two pounds

Fresh ground beef….$1.09 for two pounds

Shasta canned soda…..10 for $1