50 Years Ago: From the Archives of The West Side Index, June 19, 1969

Stuhr Road Rebuilding Project Is Underway

Stanislaus County’s largest single road project, the rebuilding of Stuhr Road, is underway.

Workmen for A. Teichert & Son of Stockton are ripping up the Newman access to the West Side Freeway over the four mile stretch running from Highway 33 west to the canal overdressing at the Delta Mendota Canal.

The $225,998.50 contract will correct the long stretch of county road that was so badly damaged by heavy equipment during the building of the freeway and the California Aqueduct which has deteriorated considerably since the completion of the two state projects.

Big Boom, Just That!

Newman residents like those throughout the area were abruptly awakened at 12:35 a.m. last Thursday morning by a:


Locally, we were not alone…

as the boom was heard as far north as Santa Rosa and St. Helena, and as far south as Merced according to reports with the general feeling that something “must have blown up.”

As the day passed on it was confirmed by Hamilton Air Field spokesmen that the boom was part of a Norad practice session that included several of the big units of the Air Force using the early morning skies.


50 Years Ago: From the Archives of The Gustine Standard, June 19, 1969

Women Flock to Pool For Park Monday Swim

A special Housewives’s Swim, scheduled with some doubt last Monday by Recreation Director Charles Hoag, was so well attended, he reported, that it will definitely be scheduled again this Monday.

Hoag added that if interest in the two hour swim period (10 a.m. to 12 noon) is sustained, it will be continued through the summer.

Another women’s special—women’s and family night slow pitch softball — got under way last night at 7 p.m. Scheduled weekly at that time, it reserves a softball diamond for women alone and provides another for fathers and sons who wish to participate in the Wednesday night feature of Gustine’s summer recreation program.

Little Theatre Scores Big Hit

Players of the Gustine Little Theatre Group scored a success with their presentation of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last weekend.

The musical, their second presentation since Mrs. Evelyn Gibbel and a Gustine High School group set up the organization last year, drew good crowds for the two night stand — good enough, Mrs. Gibbel said, that it looks as if the gate receipts will cover the relatively heavy cost of the production — about $300.

Margaret Home, business manager for the group, was delighted with the audience’s reaction to the two performances, which she said were “better than we ever did in practice.” 

Gustine Teacher Wins Hearing Test Battle

Mrs. Jerry Borelli, first grade teacher at Gustine Elementary School, went to bat for her reading program at last week’s school board meeting with that looked like two strikes on her already and hit a grand slam home run!

With a proposed school budget which had cut out Merced County audiometric services ready for school board approval, Mrs. Borrelli objected. She told trustees and administrators of the Newman-Gustine Joint Unified School District that plans to have the audiometric services performed by the school nurse could not fill the void that would be left if a trained, fully equipped audiometrist were no longer available. 

She said that the reading program at the elementary school must inevitably suffer and pointed out that every year several children with significant hearing losses were identified by the audiometrist for the first time in their lives.