Sodexo management recently honored the cafeteria team at Orestimba High School. From foreground to background are Alex Pineda, Sodexo’s general manager for nutrition services in the Newman-Crows Landing district, Toni Rosa, OHS food service lead Suzy Johnson, Laura Gordon, Carol Kinamaka, Suzanne Marlow, Cameron Patereau and Scott Hoyle, district manager for Sodexo Education.

NEWMAN - The cafeteria staff at Orestimba High has been recognized by food service consulting firm Sodexo for promoting student well-being and improving the qualify of life in the Newman-Crows Landing communities.

The team of six cafeteria employees - Suzie Johnson, Toni Rosa, Laura Gordon, Cameron Patereau, Carol Kinimaka and Suzanne Marlow - were honored before the school board Feb. 13 as recipients of the “Sodexo Experience Regional Award.”

The school district, in partnership with Sodexo, is moving increasingly toward serving fresh, hand-crafted local food to its students.

That process has involved numerous changes to the cafeteria design and operation at Orestimba High.

The staff has participated in the process of adding new equipment (including a rotisserie oven) and developing new operating standards and procedures to streamline the use of the new facilities.

The staff has also been involved in recipe development and taste testing to bring new, fresh local menu options to the serving area for students to enjoy.

“No matter the challenge, this hard-working team has embraced every change with a positive, enthusiastic attitude,” commented Alejandro “Alex” Pineda, Sodexo’s manager for the Newman-Crows Landing district. “This great team is never afraid of new ideas and embraces a challenge.”