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Welding is a focal point for Newman FFA member Joshua Fernandez.

NEWMAN - Orestimba High student Joshua Fernandez brought an interest in welding to campus as a freshman, and in two short years has seen his skills in the shop blossom.

Fernandez, the son of Edgar and Annabelt Fernandez, said his interest in FFA in general and welding in particular was piqued by a friend’s experiences with welding.

“I wanted to learn,” he shared. “I like welding, and after high school I want to get my welding certificate. I would rather be hands-on and learning how to do things rather than in an office or classroom.”

One of his recent projects was creating a fire pit which was an auction item at a recent FFA crab feed.

“That was something I could show to other people and be proud I made,” Fernandez related.

His gateway to the ag courses at Orestimba was ag mechanics as a freshman. This year he is in ag welding, ag mechanics II and ag biology.

In March, he will take part in a welding competition, Fernandez shared.

He said he has learned three of the four welding types, and is looking forward to learning the final discipline.

“They are all different,” he explained.

Fernandez also hopes to join the ag fabrication team as he expands his welding skills.

While his introduction to welding was fairly recent, Fernandez said he has developed a keen interest in the trade and plans to pursue a career in the welding field.