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Alan Huante, Junior, Orestimba High School 

Parents: Alma and Francisco Huante

Born in: Modesto 

Favorite subject: Robotics 

Favorite teacher(s): Mr. Reeves, Mr. Ibarra, Mr. Scott Felber 

Favorite food: Burritos

Favorite superhero: Ironman

Favorite app: Instagram

Favorite emoji: Smiley face with sunglasses

Words to live by: " Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present."

Favorite artist: AC/DC

Last book read: "Jurassic Park," by Michael Crichton

Hobbies: drawing, video games, sleeping 

Alan is a junior at Orestimba and describes his journey through high school years as a roller coaster with many highs and lows. He mentioned when he entered high school as a freshmen it was pretty much an easy and smooth start and not overwhelmed, but as he fast forwards to his junior year he has transitioned into having to be on top of his work and not procrastinate.

Alan told Mattos Newspapers that being in distance learning and away from his friends was  definitely not how he wanted to start his junior year.

“Sometimes I’ll say it is easy learning through a computer and getting my work done in the moment,” said Huante. “But it does get overwhelming with all the assignments you get, especially with being in advanced placement classes.”

When Alan encounters a problem with school work he likes to try to solve it on his own before he approaches a teacher about it so he learns from his own initiative.

He is a track team member at Orestimba and is holding out hope that he will be able to compete this year, which would be his second on the team.

“I believe we will get a season because with track you’re really not close to people when running or doing a field event,” Alan pointed out. “I also just feel like our sport is different from the others (because) we don’t come in contact with others as frequently.”

As he looks toward graduating next year, Alan plans on applying to UC Berkeley, where he plans to major in computer engineering or software engineering. If Berkeley doesn’t work out he plans to go to Merced college first and then transfer.

Alan said his passion for computer engineering came from a childhood love of building with Legos and creating computer-like models. He later moved to the real things of technology.

“It just all started when I was young and building Legos, and then realizing technology is really cool and fascinating. The way it works just amazes me,” Alan commented.

He one day hopes to work for Apple creating IOS software or being on the production team.

As he continues to push through this unusual year Alan hopes to return to the classroom soon, but not until it felt safe to do so.

“I want to be back with my friends just like everyone else does and be in a classroom setting," he remarked, "but I would wait it out until I felt confident enough in myself to return to school.”