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Alma Medina Tovar, Freshman, Gustine High School

Parents: Maria Tovar & Abraham Medina

Born in: Mexico

Favorite subjects: English and math 

Favorite teachers: Mrs. Hazan and Mrs. Andrade 

Favorite foods: Tacos, enchiladas and burritos

Favorite app: Instagram

Favorite emojis: Smiling face and laughing face 

Words to live by: “Life isn’t meant to be easy; it’s meant to be lived. Sometimes happy, other times rough.... but every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong.”

Favorite artist: Rancho Humilde

Last book read: “Beastly,” by Alex Flinn

Hobbies: Playing soccer, drawing and spending time with family

Alma's freshman year experiences at Gustine High have all been virtual, and she is ready to return to the classroom.

She shared that while being in distance learning it has been challenging it has also given her time to focus on herself.

“Being in online has been difficult at moments but I've had to adapt to it all,” said Alma. “At the same time with everything happening I think I can speak for everyone and say it really has been affecting my teenage years. These are the times to make memories.”

Alma said she was looking forward to returning to the classroom when Gustine Unified School District reopened its schools Monday, March 1.

“In all honestly I’m ready to return to campus because I miss my friends and teachers so much. I’m also confident in my school that nothing will happening because of the safety guidelines they will be following," she shared.

At Gustine High, Alma is a member of the cooking club and hopes to make the soccer team if COVID guidelines and safety protocols allow the sport to be played this spring.

“In the beginning of the year when everything was very limited I figured I’d get involved and join the cooking club because it was something I really enjoyed and took my mind away from everything happening,” Alma told Mattos Newspapers. “As for soccer, if it is able to come back and I make the team I feel like I’ll be able to learn more skills as well as teamwork, which are life lessons in the making.” 

She has kept a positive attitude despite the challenges, Alma noted.

While experiencing everything in a virtual environment, she is glad to have a staff of teachers who are  accepting of student opinions and able to unite the school. “Everyone is doing as much as they can to make this year positive and great, and I really appreciate that a lot,” she explained.

Alma said she wants to major in criminal justice after completing high school, but is keeping her college choices open as she researches schools.

With only a few months left in the school year, Alma wanted to shared a few words with her fellow classmates. 

“Even though times are currently hard don’t give up. Continue to push and have a positive mindset because all this won’t be forever. We’ll be back to normal soon.” 

Student Spotlight compiled by Mattos Newspapers staff member Alex Banks