Alondra Meza, Junior, Gustine High School    

Parents: Ignasio Meza and Leticia Camarillo

Born in: San Jose 

Favorite subject: History

Favorite teacher(s): Too many to list

Favorite food: Fish 

Favorite superhero: Captain America

Favorite app: Spotify

Favorite emoji: Face palm

Words to live by: "Dream big, dream wild, and shoot for the stars, while making your work ethic good” 

Favorite artists: Shawn Mendez, John Meyer, Alicia Keys 

Hobbies: Playing piano, Guitar,walks with dog 

Alondra is a junior at Gustine High School where she is highly involved in the student body as her class president and a member of the Interact, Spanish, math and physics and drama club.

She commented that with being involved with so much comes with a lot of responsibility and requires time management to do everything at a high and effective level.

She shared that its an amazing feeling to represent her class as president and being around who she calls the “coolest and best kids ever in her school.”

“Being president its a great feeling, honestly,” Alondra told Mattos Newspapers. “While we were in distance learning it was hard to obtain information from students because it was all virtual responses, but now being back on campus I know everyone (received) the information and I’m able to get answers back fast.”

Alondra explained that the classroom instruction offers a learning environment in which she is able to better grasp the materials being presented, as opposed to distance learning.

She also revealed that while being away from the classroom she truly missed the in-person conversations with her teachers and friends. along with just being in class/

Now, Alondra shared, she realizes that the small things truly matter. 

“When we first started distance learning it was difficult for me because it was so draining. Being in front of a screen for hours and then doing homework in front of a screen was just too tiring for my brain at moments,” said Alondra. “Being back in the classroom is great. We finally get some normalcy and that’s what all of us wanted.”

Alondra has joined the tennis team because she wanted to get outside and become more active. She also mentioned that there are also many different protocols and safety guidelines that players need to follow to be able to continue with the sport.

“Being a new player to tennis has been a challenge but I have really gotten the hang of it now,” shared Alondra. “ As for the guidelines we fill out a form before every practice,we also wear need to wear a glove on our none racket hand and also with keeping our distance.”

With her senior year fast approaching, Alondra explained that she is giving thought to her college choices and hopes to major in political science or history.

Her interest in those majors were sparked by an eighth-grade teacher, Mr. Beevers. 

“He really opened my eyes to something great. With learning history, I love it because it is cool to see and study certain patterns in life and also see how far we have come to live in the time we are in now," she explained.

Student Spotlight profile compiled by Mattos Newspapers staff member Alex Banks