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Alson Robienne Ocampo, Junior, Orestimba High School

Parents: Robinson and Alma Ocampo

Born in: Philippines 

Favorite subject: Art

Favorite teacher: Mr. Layne 

Favorite food: Hot and cheese bread

Favorite superhero: Superman

Favorite app: Instagram 

Favorite emoji: Happy Face 

Words to live by: "Going with the flow, and whatever happens happens”

Favorite artist: Moira Dela Torre 

Last book read: “Black Wind” by Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler 

Hobbies: Singing, drawing, playing guitar

Alson is a junior at Orestimba High School. In 2017 she came from the Philippines to the United States and has been a student on campus since 2018. She explained that being at Orestimba has been an amazing experience because everyone there is always so willing to help constantly while also helping students reach their ultimate goals.

While Orestimba brought students back to the classroom starting March 25, Alson shared that she will remain on distance learning due to the pandemic and her personal safety considerations.

In distance learning, Alson shared, she has simply been going with the flow of things.

Alson also mentioned that she does enjoy the distance learning a little more because she feels like she has more time to do her work while being in a safe environment during this time of the pandemic.

While at Orestimba, she has come to enjoy art as one for her favorite classes and named Mr. Layne, an art teacher, as a favorite educator.

“Art is so amazing to learn and along with creating something from a vision it can come out so beautifully,” Alson told Mattos Newspapers. “Mr. Layne is a very chill and an understanding teacher who accepts late work and is always working with his students to bring out the best in them.”

She describes her initial years at Orestimba as a huge learning experience for which she is grateful.

She also shared that each year she felt herself getting better and better and evolving into the person she is today.

“From my first days at OHS I learned so much and I’m thankful for it,” said Alson. “ Even though this year is tough it’s still overall going great in my opinion. I want to grow into a better version of me each year.”

With her senior year fast approaching, Alson has been making college and career plans. She has decided she wants to get into her dream school of Harvard with hopes of getting into the medical school program and eventually becoming a physician.

She revealed her decision for wanting to become a physician is the desire to help others who are in need of help or who are sick, especially during challenging times such as the pandemic.

“ I just really want to be able to help people who are in need," Alson explained. "I’ve really gained a passion for it over the years.”

Student Spotlight profile compiled by Mattos Newspapers staff member Alex Banks