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Andrew Maison, Senior, Orestimba High School 

Andrew is a student who found the passion for the subject English his freshman year from a former OHS teacher, Mr. Stanion. 

“Mr. Stanion made coming to class so much fun everyday, and his sarcasm is something I definitely liked.”

High school has been nothing to complain about, he said, from the teachers to the student body, everyone is willing to always help each other when in need.

He plans on making memories his senior year by joining the baseball team. “Everyone has been telling me to join so I might just join in the spring season.”

After high school he plans to go to MJC and eventually transfers\ to a school in Arizona or stay in state majoring in one of the three - business, animation or film.

Parents: Brian & Tina Maison 

Born in: Hayward

Favorite Subject: English 

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite teacher: Mr. Stanion

Favorite superhero: Dr. Strange

Favorite App: TikTok

Favorite Emoji: Laughing emoji 

Words to Live by: “Whatever you are, be a good one,” by Abraham Lincoln. 

Can’t stop listening to: Bruno Mars 

3 things to have on a deserted island: A fishing pole, a tarp, and one board game.

Last book read: “Beowulf”