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Andrew Maison, Junior, Orestimba High School

Parents: Brian and Tina Maison

Born in: Hayward

Favorite subject: English

Favorite teachers: Mr. Loo, Mr. Reeves, Mr. Corey Felber, Mr. Clark, Mr. May, Mr. Stanion

Favorite food: Hamburgers

Favorite superhero: Doctor Strange 

Favorite app: Instagram

Words to live by: “We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.” 

Favorite artist: Tower of Power

Last book read: “A random walk down Wall Street,” by Burton G. Malkiel 

Hobbies: Collecting Funko Pops, Playing video games, playing the alto saxophone 

Andrew Maison is a junior at Orestimba High School where he reported that his experience has been nothing but good from the start of his freshman year.

Band is one of his activities. Andrew said his band involvement has helped him build school spirit by being able to represent OHS at events and being able to play at Friday night football games.

Being in band during this pandemic era has been memorable in ways and challenging in others, Andrew said.

While on distance learning, Andrew explained, the opportunity to play music was limited as on-line platforms were not well-suited to accommodating musical groups performing.

“During that time it was a little weird for us all because we weren’t getting to play music, but we all understood the reasoning.” Andrew told Mattos Newspapers.

Andrew has since returned to campus for classroom instruction. Being able to participate in band was one of the reasons he chose to resume in-person instruction.

“It’s so much of a different feel now with everything," he shared.

Band members finally get to play music together and do recordings for a possible virtual concert in the future. He also announced that the band may get to play at graduation this year, which he is excited about.

As for just being back in the classroom for his other classes Andrew says its so nice to finally have face-to-face interactions along with getting help with homework by asking the teacher directly instead of having to wait for an email response.

“While being on distant learning I missed being able to talk to my friends and teachers in person and just the little things like walking to my classes and talking, which I finally get to experience being back,” shared Andrew.

As a student whose senior year is fast approaching, Andrew revealed that he is making college plans. He says his top two schools are San Jose State University and Grand Canyon University. Andrew plans to major in business.

He told Mattos Newspapers that he chose business for several reasons, including his love for constantly learning about the stock market and how it works day to day.

“Business just always interested me from the start, from reading books on investing and the stock market,” said Andrew, noting the importance of financial stability. Another influence, he reflected, was his grandfather's advice on saving money.

As his own senior year approaches, Andrew offers advice to underclassmen on their journey through the high school years.

“Don’t stress too much and don't take your losses as (though you've failed) and you won't be able to recover, because you will. Also don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy this time to have fun and just enjoy your high school experience.”

Student Spotlight compiled by Mattos Newspapers staff member Alex Banks