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Brian Madrigal

Freshman, Gustine High 

Parents: Maria and Juan Pablo Madrigal 

Born in: Mexico 

Favorite subject: Physical education 

Favorite teacher(s): Mr. Hall, Mrs. Killough, 

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite app: YouTube 

Favorite emoji: Happy face

Words to live by: "Never Give Up" and " Keep Looking Forward"

Last book read: " The Last Book in the Universe," by Rodman Philbrick 

Brian is a new student at Gustine High School who is learning the ropes of being a Red. While in distance learning rather than the traditional classroom, Brian explained that he has been enjoying the school year so far and getting the hang of it as the school year has progressed.

"To me the distance learning has been enjoyable and easy," Madrigal told Mattos Newspapers. "I just feel comfortable being at home right now and making that transition from school work to my social life easy."

Brian mentioned that when the pandemic first started he was scared and it just always seemed like it was just never going to end. But now, as he is looking forward into the school year, Brian is noticing that there could be chance to come back to school and is keeping his hopes up.

He said he particularly enjoys the classes of Mr. Hall and Mrs. Killough.

"They are really fun teachers and I feel really comfortable with them when learning" said Brian. "They are also teachers who were at my middle school at one point so I know their rules and what they expect."

When Club Rush comes around, Brian said he plans on joining the Math Club, as he enjoys working with numbers.

Brian has already started mapping out his career plans. He hopes to attend UC Merced, and hopes to become a doctor or a physical education teacher.

Both promote good health, he noted.

"I really like aspect of helping people and keeping people healthy," Brian said. "This is why I want to eventually get into the (health) field when I leave Gustine High."