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Cecilia Limon 

Cecilia Limon, Senior, Gustine High School

Parents: Felipe Limon and Maricela Gonzalez

Born in: Los Banos

Favorite subject: Science 

Favorite teachers: Mrs. Griset, Mr. Nocito, Mrs. Sisco

Favorite food: Mom’s enchiladas 

Favorite superhero: Black Panther 

Favorite app: TikTok

Favorite emoji: Laughing Face

Words to live by: “The struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.”

Favorite artist: Bad Bunny

Last book read: “I Am Not Your perfect Mexican Daughter,” by Ericka Sanchez

Hobbies: Baby sitting, working, hanging out with best friend



Cecilia is a senior at Gustine High School who is among the students who decided to stay on distance learning due to COVID-19 safety concerns. She has described her experience with distance learning as going well. "I have gotten used to always being on technology, so I find this as an advantage," Cecilia reported.

Cecilia is highly active through her involvement with CSF, AVID and Renaissance. Involvement through a virtual platform rather than in person is challenging, she acknowledged, but she is finding ways to make it work.

“Not being able to interact personally with the other members in the club is difficult at times,” Cecilia told Mattos Newspapers. “But I am still finding ways to involve myself more and come up with ideas for the students and members in distance learning.”

As she takes a trip down memory lane and remembers back on how her high school career went Cecilia revealed that entering Gustine High as a freshman was difficult.

She realizes in retrospect that not all of her choices - both in school and out - were the best, but said she has learned and grown from her experiences.

“Through my four years at GHS I have gained so much knowledge that I can take with me into the real world,” Shared Cecilia. “All that I know now (has) really shaped me into the person I am today.”

While looking back at her memories she also acknowledged the teachers who have made a huge impact during her high school days. Mrs. Griset, Mr. Nocito and Mrs. Sisco have been teachers who have always been there for her when she needs them, Cecilia explained. They are people who understand what she and other students are going through at their stage in life, she added.

With graduation just around the corner, Cecilia is preparing for her next level of education.

Cecilia revealed she will be attending UC Merced and majoring in psychology. Her interest in that field was piqued by a campus visit to a psychology class at the university with her older sister. Cecilia was intrigued by the instructor and the impact of the lesson.....leading to her interest in psychology as a career.

As she prepares to leave GHS, Cecilia wanted to leave a few words of advice for the incoming freshmen and underclassmen.

“What problems you think you have at the moment currently are minor and will blow over throughout your years, and don’t forget to live in the present.”

Student Spotlight compiled by Mattos Newspapers staff member Alex Banks