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 Giselle Martinez,Senior, Gustine High School

Parents: Maria Madrigal and Ruben Martinez 

Favorite subject: Science

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Rowton

Favorite food: Pozole

Favorite superhero: Captain America

Favorite app: YouTube

Favorite emoji: Bored face 

Words to live by: “Everyone has a constellation written in the sky”

Favorite artist: Bruno Mars 

Last book read: “The Naturals,” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 

Hobbies: Drawing, playing soccer, cooking and baking 

Giselle's time at Gustine High will be soon coming to an end and she will begin the next step in her journey at the college of her choice. She shared that she would like to attend an arts school or community college to get her degree in animation and hopes to one day to work for an animation company. 

Giselle explained that her passion for animation and drawing stemmed from one day in seventh grade when, bored in class, she drew a Pokemon character....and realizing it turned out very well.

In high school, she explored career fields using that talent for drawing.

“I realized I was good and I was really proud of myself,” Giselle told Mattos Newspapers. “I didn’t know you could do this as a career until I looked it up. It is something I’ve become really passionate about.”

When she’s not drawing, Giselle has been in her virtual classroom with the rest of her classmates. She describes distance learning as something she has gotten used to over the months. When distance learning first started, Giselle said, she worried about the potential challenges, such as internet connection issues and how it would mesh with her learning style.

Giselle explained that she is adapting to the style of learning by staying patient, and reaching out for help when she needs it from her teachers. 

During her time as a Gustine High Red, Giselle has particularly enjoyed her favorite subject of science. “Ever since i could remember I have really loved this subject,” commented Giselle. “I really enjoy biology and just learning about animals, different organisms and different sources of energy."

For Giselle, this isn’t the senior year she wanted but the school has been doing its best to keep the school spirit at an all time high by putting on different events throughout the school year. She revealed that the virtual homecoming and the Halloween Trunk-or-Treat where some of her favorite events put on by GHS Student Council and the community this year.

“I know the Student Council and senior class have been putting in a lot of work this year to make it as normal as possible for us with these events,” said Giselle. “With these two events I enjoyed them because it has been showing us we can still have fun even through a pandemic in a safe way and also in a virtual way.” 

She also shared that for the trunk-or-treat it was great to have the community come together, and to see some smiling faces even during a very tough time.

As she prepares to graduate Gustine High School, Giselle offered words of advice to the incoming freshmen next year and the current underclassmen. 

“Start planning ahead, because time will fly by. Before you know it your senior year will be here and you’ll be graduating....but also remember to enjoy yourself and make the most of your time, no matter the circumstances.”

Student Spotlight compiled by Alex Banks, Mattos Newspapers