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Jakob Swisher

Senior, Orestimba High 

Parents: Marc and Nicole Swisher 

Born in: Oregon 

Favorite subject(s): Math and Chemistry 

Favorite teacher(s): Mr. David Clark & Mrs. Van Rys 

Favorite food: Popcorn 

Favorite superhero: Flash 

Favorite App: Spotify 

Favorite emoji: Hands over eyes emoji

Words to live by: "Do or Do Not. There is no try."

Favorite artist: Streetlight Manifesto 

Last book read: "A Darkling Plain," by Philip Reeve 

Three hobbies: Saxophone, golf, wood work 

Jakob Swisher is a Senior at Orestimba High School who came to the Newman area when he was in the fifth grade. Being in band as an extracurricular activity in elementary school sparked a huge interest in him that would later shape his life.

"When I first got into that band room it just felt right," Jakob told Mattos Newspapers. "What also sparked my interest was that I had relatives who were really into music, and during my times in after-school program I used it as a way for me to distract myself from the outside world." 

In keeping with his musical interests, Jakob is highly influenced by one of his favorite teachers at Orestimba, Mr. David Clark. He looks up to him as a mentor in the musical aspect and is always learning from him.

"Mr. Clark is one of my favorite teachers because he's kind and generous," said Swisher. "Getting to know him has been a great thing." 

Chemistry is another passion for Jakob, an interest which started in middle school. He has realized that science might be something that he would want to pursue as a career in the future. As he reached high school, Jakob said, was pushed even more to do better by Mrs. Van Rys who is another one of his favorite teachers.

"In middle school I really enjoyed chemistry so much and how it worked," explained Jakob. "Mrs. Van Rys really pushed me to my full potential because she made me feel that it's okay to mess up and not be afraid."

At Orestimba, Jakob has been part of many activities. He has been in the music pit for musical theatre productions, involved in the Music and Jazz clubs and is treasurer of the Science Club.

He has also been on the Warrior golf team.

After graduation, Jakob plans to attend UC Davis, UC Berkeley, or Colorado School of Mines and major in chemistry.

Words of advice he would offer to freshmen, Jakob said, are "Don't be afraid to speak your mind, have fun, make mistakes and always continue to keep learning."