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Jewel "JD" Horton 

Student Spotlight 

Jewel "JD" Horton 

Parents: Basil and Grace Horton 

Born in: Palo Alto

Favorite Subject: English 

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Gardner, Mr. Garcia and Mrs. Blankenship 

Favorite Food: Pizza 

Favorite Superhero: Miles Morales (Spider-Man) 

Favorite App: Snapchat 

Favorite: Emoji: Really Big Smile smiley face 

Words to live by: "What is real will prosper" 

Can't stop listening to: Frank Ocean 

Last book read: "Divergent," by Veronica Roth 

Jewel "JD" Horton, a junior at Orestimba High School explained that during the distance learning time and before school started he really missed football. 

"Football was definitely something I really missed," said Horton. "Working out and just hanging out with the guys like normal is something I really missed a lot."

Horton is an active student involved in football, theatre, wrestling and track, while at the same time balancing school work. He mentioned staying focused and time management are the keys to staying on top at all that goes with being involved in so many activities.

Horton said Mr. Gardner, Mr. Garcia and Mrs. Blankenship have been major influences so far in his academic career at Orestimba High.

"All these teachers are just really fun to me and make class fun," Horton told Mattos Newspapers. " They are also so relatable and just know exactly how to put a smile on my face and make learning easy."

Horton hopes to earn a football scholarship from colleges that are interested in him. But with a backup plan, he says if not he will attend Modesto Junior College and try to get recruited from there or walk on at a high level college school. Horton also mentioned he wants to either major in performing arts or education major.

"I feel like (performing arts) changed my life for the good and makes me feel free and that's why I want to pursue it," Mentioned Horton. " Also with majoring in education, I feel like so many teachers in my life have influenced me to want to become better, so I want to do the same for kids seeking that help like I was and give them that light." 

As he looks back on just entering high school his freshmen year and how, Horton offers words of advice for freshmen embarking on their own high school journey.

"Don't sweat the smalls thing at all," he said. "Try to live for you, and explore yourself, your likes and everything that makes you happy and you'll find happiness and inner peace all four years at Orestimba."